ucom …

you suck … ok now that is out of my system.

I’ve been with out internet for almost 12 hours now and i guess it wasn’t what i thought at first. i thought they had shut me off, but come to find out mom and dad were having the exact problems i was. the problem is we cant authenticate with the PPPoE server. therefore rendering our connection useless. then at 8:17am the morning mom let me know that both ingalls and cimarron are both without internet service

EDIT: internet services have been restored. so ftp/web servers should be back online

plus I’m still having troubles with my website. Thanks to my awesome host over at www.hostrocket.com they were able to back everything up I’ve come to the conclusion it’s a wordpress plugin that causing the problem. i thought i had had it fixed once, but yesterday i went to login again and another error so I’m going to have to go through ton of code to fix this problem so biebsworld may be crippled for awhile


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  1. I’m sorry. In April, my whole system crashed. Fortunately I replaced the HDD and it’s running fine. I hope you fix the problem soon. I have not recovered the lost files yet, but I still have the orginal drives.

  2. well unfortunately this isn’t a hardware problem i wish it were. this is a coding problem something with the plug-in code.

  3. All I know is UCOM sucks total ass!

  4. I was out of town, so didn’t notice. But if I had called in they’d have blown a little smoke up my butt like they did last time I couldn’t get online.

  5. LightContrast

    I know. Any problem related to computers, gives me a headache.

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