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New Kansas Tags

Got the El Camino tagged today. Yeah it’s only got two gears, but I actually kinda need it to haul some stuff off from the yard. And the more I drive it, the more I think I’ll be motivated to work on it. Not that I’m losing interest in the car, just haven’t really got the funds to get started!  I decided to tag it after I found out it’s only $8.50 a month to insure the thing.  And the pro-rated taxes on it were… $0.46.  Ha ha.  That’s a little excessive!  I’m calling a state representative about these outrageous auto taxes!

I dig the new Kansas tags though.

Light blue with the Kansas Seal on it. Not gaudy. Just simple and clean. I like it. Now if only the personalized plates were as good looking! Oh and notice the expiration sticker. It’s a truck! Don’t be calling it a car!

Turns Out Simpsons Are Better Than Harry Potter

It looks like The Simpsons Movie did a hell of a lot better than the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie. Go Homer! Woo-hoo!

The Simpsons movie pushed Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix all the way to 3rd place with this past weekend’s profits.

$70 million in it’s opening weekend. Which makes it the 3rd largest debut for an animated film.

$17 million in this past weekend.

This just goes to show that Harry Potter isn’t as popular as everyone thinks. There are more people out there that love Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. Oh, can’t forget Santa’s Little Helper! 😛

Oh glorious day!

I slept until 7:00 this morning. And I still got 7 hours of sleep! It was awesome! Getting up and knowing I had plenty of time to get around, and that I can stay up late tonight and do it all again tomorrow if I want to! Just good good good! I’m just not a morning person, really. I was going to go in early and work on my car but it’s raining and supposed to rain all day and I don’t want to have to mess with trying to paint and be safe to drive home in the rain. I’ll wait until more sunny days. Instead I think I’m going to take some time before work and finally go get the El Camino tagged. Then maybe I’ll take a nap before work!

Slowly but surely

I’ve got some more paint on the car. Only two coats on the hood and right fender so far and still have some wet sanding to do and such. But I’m happy with how it’s turning out so far. Better than what was on there. I can actually see light reflecting off the paint now! It’s a slow process, but it’s getting done.

And back to afternoons.

Well my stint on the Morning Show comes to an end on Monday. I was offered the position in addition to being music director for both our FM radio stations, but I didn’t feel that the salary they offered was compensation enough for the responsibility they were asking me to take on. So I decided that even though the job would look good on a resume, I wasn’t willing to let them take advantage of me. I still would have been making less then other DJs here at the station, but I would have been the busiest, most visible personality. Besides I’ve got the experience of the Morning Show now, and can throw it on a resume if I want to, and have already done music for both stations in the past.

Kinda of a shame though. I had a good time with the show and we got quite a bit of good feedback on the show. And no one called and said we suck (that I know of). So for now it’s back to the 2p-6p afternoon shift that I was doing before. I didn’t mind it before, so I don’t mind it now.

Those crazy cats!

There’s a trend going around the interent using comical cat poses and adding captions to express some sort of emotion or reaction.  I came up with one of my own to add.

So if you see that anywhere else you know where it came from!

A few of my favorites are:

No turning back now!

I started painting today. I can see now why they charge $5000 to paint a car. It’s a lot of friggin work! I started with the left front fender since it had about the worst surface rust next to the rear quarter panels. First step was stripping the cracking paint and rust underneath. It’s hard to believe what’s underneath that paint. What just looked like a 12 in. x 12 in. spot turned out to be about half the fender that had started rusting. Everywhere the paint is gone is where rust was.

From there I took some body filler and tried to fill in some of the pit marks and make a smooth level surface to paint. It turned out okay. Probably could have been better, or I should have just taken the whole fender down to bare metal but I got it as smooth as I could block sanding it. It’s not going to be showroom perfect, but that’s not what I’m going for anyway.

So after stripping, cleaning, filling, sanding, cleaning. It’s finally time for!….masking. Yeah I know I should have removed the chrome pinstripe trim, but I couldn’t figure out how the damn stuff was held on. It’s some sort of clip, and rather than break all the clips trying to get it off, I just masked around it. Yeah, it’s a hack job, but hopefully my careful masking does the trick.

And NOW I can finally paint…with a roller. Haha. It looks kinda funny right now, just like the first coat of white you just rolled on a wall, but with some wet sanding, another coat or two, and buffing it’s supposed to look pretty good. The paint already drys pretty smooth and glossy, but it’s not perfect. So still a lot of work to do, but here’s what it looks like now.

All in all this took about 6 hours of work not including drying time for the filler and the paint. Of course it’s my first attempt at such things so hopefully as I go along I’ll get better and more effecient. But either way, I gotta paint the whole car now. Whether it looks like crap or not!

Yeah. You’re jealous.

My fellow morning show host Jeri Anne and I posing next to the Winermobile. Notice how confident I look.

Always getting in over my head.

In one post I complain about how busy I am, and then next thing you know I’ve taken on another project.

I picked up all the stuff today to start painting my car (the Toronado). This could be interesting. I found a guide on the internet for painting with Rustoleum. Not the spray kind, but the kind that comes in a can and you roll on. Who knows how well it’s going to come out, but the rust on my car keeps getting worse and worse, and it’s not going to start looking any better any time soon. So my only requirement with this project is that it looks better when I’m done than before I started. Certianly not going for a show car here.

I’m just going to be painting one panel at a time, that way I can work on it and drive it at the same time. Pics coming starting Monday (hopefully)!

Our humble abode.

Here’s pics of the outside of the place. Just finshed up the mowing so it looks halfway decent. GOTTA get those friggin trees trimmed though! BLECH!

The back yard is nice and big, but it needs some work too. I’m going to try to get those stupid ruts out and get grass growing there again. And the previous tenants had a dog pen smack dab in the middle of the back yard, so I’m going to move those concrete slabs and try to get grass growing there as well. Where the cars are parked in the back is going to be a small little driveway off the alley. Sometime this summer the landlord is going to bring some gravel in for the driveway up front, and enough to make my little drive way in back.

All in all it’s not a bad place. It needs some TLC and it’s small but we’ve got some nice space to work with. So I’m happy so far. The inside is seriously a mess right now, so I’m off to organize and unpack and when I at least get close I’ll post some pictures of inside. To be honest, I’m too embarrassed to show it off right now! So I’m off to change that!