Daily Archives: July 14, 2007

Always getting in over my head.

In one post I complain about how busy I am, and then next thing you know I’ve taken on another project.

I picked up all the stuff today to start painting my car (the Toronado). This could be interesting. I found a guide on the internet for painting with Rustoleum. Not the spray kind, but the kind that comes in a can and you roll on. Who knows how well it’s going to come out, but the rust on my car keeps getting worse and worse, and it’s not going to start looking any better any time soon. So my only requirement with this project is that it looks better when I’m done than before I started. Certianly not going for a show car here.

I’m just going to be painting one panel at a time, that way I can work on it and drive it at the same time. Pics coming starting Monday (hopefully)!