No turning back now!

I started painting today. I can see now why they charge $5000 to paint a car. It’s a lot of friggin work! I started with the left front fender since it had about the worst surface rust next to the rear quarter panels. First step was stripping the cracking paint and rust underneath. It’s hard to believe what’s underneath that paint. What just looked like a 12 in. x 12 in. spot turned out to be about half the fender that had started rusting. Everywhere the paint is gone is where rust was.

From there I took some body filler and tried to fill in some of the pit marks and make a smooth level surface to paint. It turned out okay. Probably could have been better, or I should have just taken the whole fender down to bare metal but I got it as smooth as I could block sanding it. It’s not going to be showroom perfect, but that’s not what I’m going for anyway.

So after stripping, cleaning, filling, sanding, cleaning. It’s finally time for!….masking. Yeah I know I should have removed the chrome pinstripe trim, but I couldn’t figure out how the damn stuff was held on. It’s some sort of clip, and rather than break all the clips trying to get it off, I just masked around it. Yeah, it’s a hack job, but hopefully my careful masking does the trick.

And NOW I can finally paint…with a roller. Haha. It looks kinda funny right now, just like the first coat of white you just rolled on a wall, but with some wet sanding, another coat or two, and buffing it’s supposed to look pretty good. The paint already drys pretty smooth and glossy, but it’s not perfect. So still a lot of work to do, but here’s what it looks like now.

All in all this took about 6 hours of work not including drying time for the filler and the paint. Of course it’s my first attempt at such things so hopefully as I go along I’ll get better and more effecient. But either way, I gotta paint the whole car now. Whether it looks like crap or not!

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  1. That is quite a project to take on! By the end you will have it down to an art!!

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