Daily Archives: July 24, 2007

And back to afternoons.

Well my stint on the Morning Show comes to an end on Monday. I was offered the position in addition to being music director for both our FM radio stations, but I didn’t feel that the salary they offered was compensation enough for the responsibility they were asking me to take on. So I decided that even though the job would look good on a resume, I wasn’t willing to let them take advantage of me. I still would have been making less then other DJs here at the station, but I would have been the busiest, most visible personality. Besides I’ve got the experience of the Morning Show now, and can throw it on a resume if I want to, and have already done music for both stations in the past.

Kinda of a shame though. I had a good time with the show and we got quite a bit of good feedback on the show. And no one called and said we suck (that I know of). So for now it’s back to the 2p-6p afternoon shift that I was doing before. I didn’t mind it before, so I don’t mind it now.