Turns Out Simpsons Are Better Than Harry Potter

It looks like The Simpsons Movie did a hell of a lot better than the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie. Go Homer! Woo-hoo!

The Simpsons movie pushed Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix all the way to 3rd place with this past weekend’s profits.

$70 million in it’s opening weekend. Which makes it the 3rd largest debut for an animated film.

$17 million in this past weekend.

This just goes to show that Harry Potter isn’t as popular as everyone thinks. There are more people out there that love Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. Oh, can’t forget Santa’s Little Helper! 😛


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  1. What else is amazing, is that for the opening weekend of Harry Potter (excluding Wednesday and Thursday) they made $75 million. The Simpsons made $70 million. Can you believe that they only made $5 million less than Harry Potter?! That’s friggin’ awesome!

  2. You really hate Harry Potter, huh?

  3. oh yeah well Transformers made $70,502,384 opening weekend! ….. oh wait thats still less than those two ….

    oh btw Simpson’s actually made $74,036,787 opening weekend .


    harry potter made 77,108,414 opening weekend


    still thats not by much of a margin

  4. well somethings up with the comment i have a double post and i dont have access to delete one

  5. All those links you posted triggered the moderation on it. I just had to approve it.

  6. That’s actually less of a margin. Even better!

  7. ah that explains it !

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