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Falling behind…

Yesterday I finally started work on the doors. Took me a while to figure out how to get the damn thing off. First door took probably 45 minutes, but once I figured out where all the tabs and clips and screws and crap were, the second one took about 10 minutes. haha!

Got the door handles off and the doors ready to prep, but had some “honey do” items that took priority, so my work was cut short. Without any door handles outside, I couldn’t really roll up the windows. So I put these stylish “window covering apperatuses” over night to keep the outdoors out.

You can actually see the paint shining too! Something this car hasn’t seen in a looong time.

Somebody said in my last thread I’d learn somethings, both good and bad. Yeah, here’s one of the bad. I had a bad feeling about masking around the pinstripe trim, but figured it was better than breaking all the clips. Well after a few coats it started to look like crap. So I said screw it and I pulled the trim. Only broke about HALF the clips. 🙄 I’ll figure something out to get ’em back on.

Here’s why I pulled it. Nasterriffic!

So yup more prep work to do there. No biggie. That’s why I’m doing this to an ’85 Toronado. Haha!

Here’s a nice picture of what it looks like riding in the driver’s seat.

And this little project is on hold again until Sunday. I was hoping to get it all done this weekend with my time off, but Andrea’s family is coming to town and we’ll be busy for a lot of the weekend. Maybe Monday I can go balls to the wall and knock it out, but it’s looking like it still might be a couple more weeks before it’s all said and done.

Oh so close!

Welp T -4 hours until my vacation officially begins. I’m in the home stretch now. And you know that feeling on your last day where you know you’ve got your time off coming and you just don’t feel like doing a damn thing? Yeah, I caught that bug. My mind just keeps drifting to all the things I want to get done while I’m off. I’m not actually going anywhere on this “vacation”. Just getting away from work for 5 days. And thanks to the holiday, it’s only costing me 2 vacation days!I plan on getting the Toronado finished painting and getting all the trim back on. So I’m looking at probably working 10 hour days Thursday and Friday to get that done. So hopefully it’s all shiny and back together by Saturday when Andrea’s family is heading up and maybe I can make that old hooptie turn some heads.

I’ve got lots of Guild Wars to play since Eye of the North is coming out on Friday. I’ve been kinda slacking on the car lately because I didn’t want to get burned out on the project, and I’ve really been having some fun playing GW in the meantime. Here’s a few pics of the new expansion.

Getting “drunk” in Lion’s Arch waiting for the preview last weekend.

Starting out:

So I’m looking forward to having my car back, not having a whole lot planned, and just a lot of relaxing.  That’s my kind of vacation!

IT’s Official!

I knew IT was coming and I wondered how I would take IT.  Maybe I’m in shock or denial, but IT hasn’t gotten me down…yet!

‘IT’ is my impending unemployment.  The bosses officially told us the bar is closing down in a few weeks.  When IT does happen I will be among that percentage of unemployed we hear about on the news.

I’m not overly concerned because “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and, doggone it, people like me!  (Is that how Stuart Smalley puts it?)  Surely something will turn up.  Until it does I think I’ll enjoy being a full-time Grammy.  Think Jamie and Bryan can handle that?


What happened to Stuart Smalley?

I was joking with a friend at work yesterday about how she needs to work on her self esteem and that she should watch some Stuart Smalley. You know the motivational speaker guy from SNL back in the day? Well I scowered to the best of my ability. And it looks as if there isn’t a SINGLE “Daily Affirmations with Stuart Smalley” clip on the internet ANYWHERE. I was just shocked that my searches turned up nothing. I know that it’s not the most popular Saturday Night Live character, but you’d think it’d be popular enough to warrant at least one clip buried somewhere on the ‘net.

The question is what’s up? It’s all a little mysterious isn’t it? In the several searches I did. I did uncover tidbits of what might be going on.

The Stewart Smalley character was played by Al Franken back in the day, right? Well now Al’s running for the US Senate and is known for being quite liberal. And apparently Bill O’Reilly has gone to referring to Al Franken as “Stuart Smalley” in his broadcasts in effort to be clever as conservative talk show hosts do. So my logic tells me that either Al Franken’s campaign cronies or an independent group of Al Franken supporters has been scowering the internet to get all the clips removed for whatever reason (other than that pesky copywright reason).

It was just all so weird I had to post about it.

Hot damn! Err…cold damn!

I finally decided to get off my duff and mess with my AC in the car again.  Since it was oh, 102 today.  I had previously thought that the refrigerant was leaking out as fast as I could put it in, but a while ago my compressor would engage and disengage on, off, on, off, when the AC or the defrost was on.  So that lead me to believe that the system was actually holding some of the charge I’d put in it quite a while ago.

On my AC system there is a pressure switch that won’t let the compressor come on if the pressure gets too low.  If you run the compressor without enough oil and pressure it’ll over heat an seize up.  A problem I was running into when I was trying to charge the system last time is the compressor wouldn’t run.  It would overcharge the low side, the compressor would kick in and equalize the system, then the pressure would drop, and the compressor would go off.  So it was on, off, on, off, a very slow process and it didn’t seem to be helping any.  After reading around on I found out I can just jump the pressure switch (so it thinks the pressure is good) and the compressor will run continuously.  This way I can keep charging and steadily bring the pressure up.

About 1 1/2 of these cans later and the compressor would run even with the switch hooked up.  I hop in the car and lo and behold there’s cool air coming out of those vents!  YEEE HAW!  It’s not freezing cold.  But it was cold enough to make it comfortable in my car for my test drive when it was 97 outside.  That’s good enough for me!  Hopefully it holds the charge.  Since it lost the original charge there’s obviously a leak somewhere.  But it seems to have held what I put in there from last year, and even if I have to charge it once a year, I’m okay with that!

My yearly heat index rant.

Yup. There is it. The super complex formula for finding out what it “feels like” when you don’t actually want to go outside. Or instead of taking Calc you could just grow a pair and walk out side and decide for your self what it feels like.

According to it feels like 105*F outside right now. Well I’m here to tell you I was just outside and it feels like friggin’ 120*F. Who the hell is some meteorologist with a green screen and a little clicker to tell me what I’m going to feel like when I go outside? He can’t even figure out when it’s going to rain, and that’s an indisputable fact. If you go outside and it’s raining, it feels like it’s raining. You go outside when it’s 102, and it feels like you just walked into Arby’s and you’re the roast beef.

So heat index can GTFO as far as I’m concerned.

More progress

Alright, this is quick. Because I’m tired, I’m dirty, and a I have to get up for church tomorrow. Got a lot more done on the car today. Still a lot to do though.

Stripped the paint and as much rust as I could from the lower quarter panel. It wasn’t as bad as I though. I was worried it’d be rusted all the way through, but it wasn’t. It was bad enough that if a guy was doing a real restoration he’d cut the metal out and weld new metal in, but my metalworking skills are even worse than my welding skills. Which is to say, non-exsistant.

Even Andrea got down and dirty!

Here the front is with the bumper gone and most of the trim removed, waiting for me to prep it for paint.

Here’s a shot I took on a frustration break. Got the rear bumper and bumper fillers off. I had to take the back tires off to get the chrome wheel trim off. The screws on the back were more stubborn than the front. I almost had to drill some of the friggin screws out.

A close up of the rust. Here’s what has been hiding beneath that paint…what was left of it. I got it as good as I could with the tools I had.

Finally got the front prepped for paint.

It’s a dirty job.

Rear quarter ready for paint.

Got one coat on. The stuff goes on pretty thin. Tomorrow it’ll look better.

And paint for the front.

And that’s how I left it. By tomorrow, everything but the doors and roof should have new paint on it. Getting close but still a lot to do.