Daily Archives: August 4, 2007

More progress

Alright, this is quick. Because I’m tired, I’m dirty, and a I have to get up for church tomorrow. Got a lot more done on the car today. Still a lot to do though.

Stripped the paint and as much rust as I could from the lower quarter panel. It wasn’t as bad as I though. I was worried it’d be rusted all the way through, but it wasn’t. It was bad enough that if a guy was doing a real restoration he’d cut the metal out and weld new metal in, but my metalworking skills are even worse than my welding skills. Which is to say, non-exsistant.

Even Andrea got down and dirty!

Here the front is with the bumper gone and most of the trim removed, waiting for me to prep it for paint.

Here’s a shot I took on a frustration break. Got the rear bumper and bumper fillers off. I had to take the back tires off to get the chrome wheel trim off. The screws on the back were more stubborn than the front. I almost had to drill some of the friggin screws out.

A close up of the rust. Here’s what has been hiding beneath that paint…what was left of it. I got it as good as I could with the tools I had.

Finally got the front prepped for paint.

It’s a dirty job.

Rear quarter ready for paint.

Got one coat on. The stuff goes on pretty thin. Tomorrow it’ll look better.

And paint for the front.

And that’s how I left it. By tomorrow, everything but the doors and roof should have new paint on it. Getting close but still a lot to do.