Daily Archives: August 15, 2007

What happened to Stuart Smalley?

I was joking with a friend at work yesterday about how she needs to work on her self esteem and that she should watch some Stuart Smalley. You know the motivational speaker guy from SNL back in the day? Well I scowered to the best of my ability. And it looks as if there isn’t a SINGLE “Daily Affirmations with Stuart Smalley” clip on the internet ANYWHERE. I was just shocked that my searches turned up nothing. I know that it’s not the most popular Saturday Night Live character, but you’d think it’d be popular enough to warrant at least one clip buried somewhere on the ‘net.

The question is what’s up? It’s all a little mysterious isn’t it? In the several searches I did. I did uncover tidbits of what might be going on.

The Stewart Smalley character was played by Al Franken back in the day, right? Well now Al’s running for the US Senate and is known for being quite liberal. And apparently Bill O’Reilly has gone to referring to Al Franken as “Stuart Smalley” in his broadcasts in effort to be clever as conservative talk show hosts do. So my logic tells me that either Al Franken’s campaign cronies or an independent group of Al Franken supporters has been scowering the internet to get all the clips removed for whatever reason (other than that pesky copywright reason).

It was just all so weird I had to post about it.