Oh so close!

Welp T -4 hours until my vacation officially begins. I’m in the home stretch now. And you know that feeling on your last day where you know you’ve got your time off coming and you just don’t feel like doing a damn thing? Yeah, I caught that bug. My mind just keeps drifting to all the things I want to get done while I’m off. I’m not actually going anywhere on this “vacation”. Just getting away from work for 5 days. And thanks to the holiday, it’s only costing me 2 vacation days!I plan on getting the Toronado finished painting and getting all the trim back on. So I’m looking at probably working 10 hour days Thursday and Friday to get that done. So hopefully it’s all shiny and back together by Saturday when Andrea’s family is heading up and maybe I can make that old hooptie turn some heads.

I’ve got lots of Guild Wars to play since Eye of the North is coming out on Friday. I’ve been kinda slacking on the car lately because I didn’t want to get burned out on the project, and I’ve really been having some fun playing GW in the meantime. Here’s a few pics of the new expansion.

Getting “drunk” in Lion’s Arch waiting for the preview last weekend.

Starting out:

So I’m looking forward to having my car back, not having a whole lot planned, and just a lot of relaxing.  That’s my kind of vacation!

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