Daily Archives: August 31, 2007

Falling behind…

Yesterday I finally started work on the doors. Took me a while to figure out how to get the damn thing off. First door took probably 45 minutes, but once I figured out where all the tabs and clips and screws and crap were, the second one took about 10 minutes. haha!

Got the door handles off and the doors ready to prep, but had some “honey do” items that took priority, so my work was cut short. Without any door handles outside, I couldn’t really roll up the windows. So I put these stylish “window covering apperatuses” over night to keep the outdoors out.

You can actually see the paint shining too! Something this car hasn’t seen in a looong time.

Somebody said in my last thread I’d learn somethings, both good and bad. Yeah, here’s one of the bad. I had a bad feeling about masking around the pinstripe trim, but figured it was better than breaking all the clips. Well after a few coats it started to look like crap. So I said screw it and I pulled the trim. Only broke about HALF the clips. 🙄 I’ll figure something out to get ’em back on.

Here’s why I pulled it. Nasterriffic!

So yup more prep work to do there. No biggie. That’s why I’m doing this to an ’85 Toronado. Haha!

Here’s a nice picture of what it looks like riding in the driver’s seat.

And this little project is on hold again until Sunday. I was hoping to get it all done this weekend with my time off, but Andrea’s family is coming to town and we’ll be busy for a lot of the weekend. Maybe Monday I can go balls to the wall and knock it out, but it’s looking like it still might be a couple more weeks before it’s all said and done.