Daily Archives: September 7, 2007

F$%# you, Ford!

So I go out get ready to change the spark plugs in Andrea’s car last night since she can’t remember the last time they’d been changed. I just bought some new extensions and swivel heads for my socket set so I can get the job done. And I get the four on the passenger side done fine. Seeing as how her car is a 4 cylinder normally the job would be done at that point. But no!

ONLY at Ford would they decide that a 4 cyl motor needs 8 spark plugs. And ONLY at Ford could you stick a little 2 liter four banger into the SAME SPACE that fits a 5.0 V8 and STILL make it be a bitch to get to things. I ended up getting it done, but not without losing a big chunk of skin trying to get my hand UNDERNEATH the intake manifold to pull the wires off, and a new set of plug wires because one of them just disintegrated in my hand. That and a lot of swearing.

Friggin’ Fords.