Daily Archives: September 15, 2007

The final hours…

Well, this is it… My last day of employment.  OK, honestly my last day of employment was August 31.  It remains to be seen if I’ll get paid for the past couple of weeks.  That’s ok, I’ll just sit quietly and eat my serving of guilt.  Maybe I am just a cynical person (ya think?) but something doesn’t seem right.

So, after this job is over I have a few goals.  Spoil Bryson to the fullest extent, take a road trip with Duane and roll all the change in my K-State coin bank.  Oh, yeah, and get another job!

The worst part of all of this will be getting used to NOT having money in my pocket.  Waitressing spoiled me.  I’d leave every day with twenty or more dollars in cash.  Shoot, some days when I worked double shifts I made over a hundred bucks in tips!  I see a lifestyle change in my future!  haha