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I finally watched 300

Okay, so I’m a little late to the show on this one.  To be honest based on the previews, I wasn’t all that interested in seeing it.  I like Greek and Roman history, but the previews sold the movie as endless violence and blood and guts.  I didn’t see much substance in the previews and I’m not big on the gore.  Andrea wanted to see it though and started watching it, and I must say I was rather impressed.  While the violence was obviously a big part of the film, but the presentation was surprisingly artistic.

Some may have seen the movie, some maybe haven’t so I don’t want to do a plot summary, but rather point out some misconceptions I had about the film.  The whole show is basically an almost mythical re-telling of a story.  Small little details impressed me, like the Spartans slaying these thousands of Persians.  Blood is obviously flying everywhere but the Spartans never get a drop on them.  The way the Persian leader, Xerxes walks on the backs of his servants as if they’re stairs as he steps down from his throne visually symbolizes his treatment of the Persian people.  All the little nuances of the movie (for me) are what made the movie.  The dialogue is exceptional as well, much of which I assume is taken directly, or based on the book.

I only wish the previews would have better explained the need for the story of the 300, rather than focus on the gore.  But I guess when  you’re trying to get people to buy tickets, violence sells.

Who’s ready for winter?

Well it looks like my prediction of snow by Halloween won’t be fufilled. It’s been damn near a heat wave around here lately. Almost hit 80 here today! But we’re gonna get slammed, and when it happens I say bring it on!

I really don’t think I’ll mind the snow. Especially now that I’m not living in Manhattan where everyone drives like an idiot on a nice day. I’m lucky to see a car or two on my way out of Ogden, so hopefully I can avoid any collisions this year. I’m just looking forward to having a house to decorate with Christmas lights this year. Sitting by the window, watching the snow fall drinking a warm cup of cocoa. I just love winter.

If internet forums were real life.

Anybody who’s posted on any large internet forums will get a kick out of this!

sweet new ride!

the Red Corolla ….. for those who havn’t seen it yet =P

November 12 I will officially want a Wii.

Oh, man. Too tempting.

Well I found a deal at for a 30GB Zune media player (kinda like an iPod) for $89 with free shipping. I’m so tempted to buy it, but I don’t need to be spending the money! Especially with all the money I’m giong to be spending on gas in the next couple months! Plus I need to redo the rear breaks and shocks on my car sometime, and save for wedding stuffs. But if I find $100 laying on the ground, I’m nabbin’ that thing up!

Pulling an all nighter?

I dunno. I don’t think I’ll make it. It’s 3:10 in the AM right now. I’m kinda tired, but not that tired that I want to get up and go to bed. Andrea isn’t back until tomorrow, and I just really can’t sleep. I don’t really want to either. I’ve gotten a lot done!

  • 1 load of laundry.
  • Picked up the dog from the kennel.
  • A cool new tool for Guild Wars that almost makes the GuildWiki obsolete!
  • Downloaded, installed, and played Half Life 2 (Thanks, Biebs! Runs great!)
  • Photoshopped some new wheels onto my car (don’t really like ’em).
  • And explained the exact number for “one third of one”.
    • Well it would be (1/3) wouldn’t it? That’s the most exact way to express it in a base 10 number system. While its decimal form is 0.333~ its still one third. It can’t physically be written in that form but it’s a real number. It simply can’t be expressed (without limits) by any power of ten. Yet you can still divide something exactly into thirds, can you not?
    • Math isn’t necessarily bound to the base 10 system we’re familiar with. In ternary (base 3) it would simply be “0.1”.

Now I’m not sure what to do. Maybe I’ll go pop in Grumpier Old Men. That’s if I want to get some sleep tonight. I love that movie to death, but I can’t even make it past the bacon story when I’m tired.

Someone posed the question…

With so many millions and billions and trillions of stars out there, and many of them with planets orbiting them, is it really possible that we are the ONLY life in this universe?

The above isn’t a computer generated image. It’s an actual image of deep space captured by the Hubble Space Telescope of the biggest known galaxy cluster. Thousands of galaxies, some even bigger than our own. It’s reasonable to assume with so many chances at life, that we aren’t alone. We were discussing it on and this was my response.

It’s really hard to fathom. The universe that is. Google Earth is awesome now that it also show a catalog of they sky from the Hubble and other telescopes. It’s amazing to look at the stars and then to really zoom in and see just as many whole galaxies as there are stars! We truely are one of a billion+ tiny rocks, going around one of a billion+ tiny stars, going around one of a billion+ galaxies (that we know of).

My philosophy on whether we’re alone or not has a lot to do with my faith. By whatever means God created the universe, its entirely possible that we ARE the only life that exsists in it. While I wouldn’t say we ARE, I would say there’s an equal chance of either.

Should life exsist elsewhere in the universe, I think its highly unlikely that we would make contact prior to the extinction of either ours or their race. Not to say we couldn’t detect them, but interaction would be out of the question due to the sheer scale.

I rather postulate that the vastness of the universe is an attribute of the Creator. The more we learn about the universe, the more we learn about God Himself. If man were able to see to the end of the universe, or be able to magnify the smallest particle, it would only be a finite matter of time before the fundamental workings of our universe were understood in their entirety. Once man has learned all there is to know, what purpose would their be to seek God? What purpose would man serve? Knowledge would be capped, and the only variable to remain would be time.

Man’s power to create could possibly equal God’s at that point. But in an infinitely detailed universe, there will always be an unknown, something always unexplained, and something that can only be explained by faith. HOWEVER, to simply write off the unexplained as supernatural and not investigate its origin, is passiveness. I hate it when Christians do that. We should FOCUS on that which is unexplained, if only to better understand that which created it.

Anywho. That’s my take on it. Just from what I believe, observe, and think about.

LOL quad core.

For the person who you ask, “Why?” And they say “Why not?”

It’s pretty amazing what they’re doing with processors these days.  I got my first “real” processor my AMD 3200+ back when they finally came down to around $100.  Andrea has that same processor in her computer today and it’s still plenty quick, and can be had for less than $50 at  And all of a sudden these quad core processors can be had for a mere $280.  At first that sounds like a chunk of change, but considering the power these things pack for less than $300 you have power on you deskop that was unheard of less than two years ago.

Even so is it still worth it?  As the prices of these top of the line processors come down, it only drives down dual core prices, and makes single core technology (which to be honest is still more than adequate) even cheaper.  It’s been said there’s never a good time to build a PC, because there’s always something a little better just a couple months away.  But if you ask me right now is  GREAT time to build a computer.  Smokin’ fast machines are actually attainable, and almost as fast ones are definetly affordable for the average joe.

Pretty impressive considering not that long ago we were saying “WOW, I wish I could afford one of those” to 400Mhz.

The world needs more signs.