LOL quad core.

For the person who you ask, “Why?” And they say “Why not?”

It’s pretty amazing what they’re doing with processors these days.  I got my first “real” processor my AMD 3200+ back when they finally came down to around $100.  Andrea has that same processor in her computer today and it’s still plenty quick, and can be had for less than $50 at  And all of a sudden these quad core processors can be had for a mere $280.  At first that sounds like a chunk of change, but considering the power these things pack for less than $300 you have power on you deskop that was unheard of less than two years ago.

Even so is it still worth it?  As the prices of these top of the line processors come down, it only drives down dual core prices, and makes single core technology (which to be honest is still more than adequate) even cheaper.  It’s been said there’s never a good time to build a PC, because there’s always something a little better just a couple months away.  But if you ask me right now is  GREAT time to build a computer.  Smokin’ fast machines are actually attainable, and almost as fast ones are definetly affordable for the average joe.

Pretty impressive considering not that long ago we were saying “WOW, I wish I could afford one of those” to 400Mhz.


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  1. Ya know, I have no idea what you put in this computer. But, I was talking to a kid at work and telling him I have dial-up internet and he was saying how sorry he felt for me. I decided that as soon as the money tree takes root AND you are out this way I want to bump up to at least DSL. So, let me know what all is involved in that.

    Ya know, things don’t change much over the years. From the time we got that first computer til now I STILL have to have you fix everything for me! Shoot, even back to Mario Bros., remember I’d have to get through the hard levels for me? HA HA

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