Someone posed the question…

With so many millions and billions and trillions of stars out there, and many of them with planets orbiting them, is it really possible that we are the ONLY life in this universe?

The above isn’t a computer generated image. It’s an actual image of deep space captured by the Hubble Space Telescope of the biggest known galaxy cluster. Thousands of galaxies, some even bigger than our own. It’s reasonable to assume with so many chances at life, that we aren’t alone. We were discussing it on and this was my response.

It’s really hard to fathom. The universe that is. Google Earth is awesome now that it also show a catalog of they sky from the Hubble and other telescopes. It’s amazing to look at the stars and then to really zoom in and see just as many whole galaxies as there are stars! We truely are one of a billion+ tiny rocks, going around one of a billion+ tiny stars, going around one of a billion+ galaxies (that we know of).

My philosophy on whether we’re alone or not has a lot to do with my faith. By whatever means God created the universe, its entirely possible that we ARE the only life that exsists in it. While I wouldn’t say we ARE, I would say there’s an equal chance of either.

Should life exsist elsewhere in the universe, I think its highly unlikely that we would make contact prior to the extinction of either ours or their race. Not to say we couldn’t detect them, but interaction would be out of the question due to the sheer scale.

I rather postulate that the vastness of the universe is an attribute of the Creator. The more we learn about the universe, the more we learn about God Himself. If man were able to see to the end of the universe, or be able to magnify the smallest particle, it would only be a finite matter of time before the fundamental workings of our universe were understood in their entirety. Once man has learned all there is to know, what purpose would their be to seek God? What purpose would man serve? Knowledge would be capped, and the only variable to remain would be time.

Man’s power to create could possibly equal God’s at that point. But in an infinitely detailed universe, there will always be an unknown, something always unexplained, and something that can only be explained by faith. HOWEVER, to simply write off the unexplained as supernatural and not investigate its origin, is passiveness. I hate it when Christians do that. We should FOCUS on that which is unexplained, if only to better understand that which created it.

Anywho. That’s my take on it. Just from what I believe, observe, and think about.

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