Who’s ready for winter?

Well it looks like my prediction of snow by Halloween won’t be fufilled. It’s been damn near a heat wave around here lately. Almost hit 80 here today! But we’re gonna get slammed, and when it happens I say bring it on!

I really don’t think I’ll mind the snow. Especially now that I’m not living in Manhattan where everyone drives like an idiot on a nice day. I’m lucky to see a car or two on my way out of Ogden, so hopefully I can avoid any collisions this year. I’m just looking forward to having a house to decorate with Christmas lights this year. Sitting by the window, watching the snow fall drinking a warm cup of cocoa. I just love winter.


Posted on October 30, 2007, in Nature's Fury. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. im so ready for winter and snow …main reason for my alergies to quit bothering me!

  2. The ‘I love winter’ gene must skip a generation!

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