I finally watched 300

Okay, so I’m a little late to the show on this one.  To be honest based on the previews, I wasn’t all that interested in seeing it.  I like Greek and Roman history, but the previews sold the movie as endless violence and blood and guts.  I didn’t see much substance in the previews and I’m not big on the gore.  Andrea wanted to see it though and started watching it, and I must say I was rather impressed.  While the violence was obviously a big part of the film, but the presentation was surprisingly artistic.

Some may have seen the movie, some maybe haven’t so I don’t want to do a plot summary, but rather point out some misconceptions I had about the film.  The whole show is basically an almost mythical re-telling of a story.  Small little details impressed me, like the Spartans slaying these thousands of Persians.  Blood is obviously flying everywhere but the Spartans never get a drop on them.  The way the Persian leader, Xerxes walks on the backs of his servants as if they’re stairs as he steps down from his throne visually symbolizes his treatment of the Persian people.  All the little nuances of the movie (for me) are what made the movie.  The dialogue is exceptional as well, much of which I assume is taken directly, or based on the book.

I only wish the previews would have better explained the need for the story of the 300, rather than focus on the gore.  But I guess when  you’re trying to get people to buy tickets, violence sells.

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