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Thanks for my best day ever!

No…best day ever (so far).

48 views! Ha ha. (It doesn’t take much) Not bad for a dumb little blog. Thanks for clicking repeatedly. The stat boost gives me more E-PEEN! (If you don’t know don’t ask.)

Oh and I have to thank all the Stuart Smalley hunters out there. I don’t have any CLIPS, or VIDEOS, but you sure are helping out my traffic making sure. Keywords FTW!

For all you people who wish you won radio contests…

Consider this. We just finished up our Extreme Makeover contest. If you’ve ever seen the show, Ty Pennington busts in on somebody’s place, takes over there house and remodels it. Kinda like a Pimp My Ride for homes. Well we just kinda steal the name and use it instead of calling the contest “A bunch of crap you don’t really need.” We delivered today “Almost $7,000 worth of stuff.” Which was actually around $6,250 worth of stuff, so we really should have said “Almost almost $7,000 worth of stuff.”

And that’s all it is, is stuff. No real rhyme or reason to the collection of items. We gave a surround sound system but no TV or no couch. Not one, but TWO dining room tables! (For BOTH your dining rooms!) And antique wood framed mirror. A closet organizer, and supposedly $800 in bed and bath accessories. Which should take up more than two bags if you ask me. Check out one of these dining room tables, yeah…where you gonna put that in your house?

Point is, even though it sounds good on the air, don’t be too heartbroke if you don’t win some of that stuff. There’s a young couple in a small house in Manhattan that isn’t going to be able to use their living room until they have a garage sale or an auction, or rent a storage unit. When $6,000 cash would have fit in their back pocket and they could have gotten something they actually wanted.

if you need a laugh….

just go here …..

dont ask me why or even how i came across the website … truth be told im not even sure why i went there.

It’s finally happened! Cold, hard cash no longer any good!

I was on ebay and found a little something to cover someone on my xmas list. I went to buy it using paypal and got a surprise. Turns out that paypal not only wants access to my bank account, they also want access to a credit/debit card! Isn’t that the same as saying, “We don’t accept cash, only plastic!”

Now, I understand that everyone wants paid for their services. There are no free rides in this world. That’s fine, I get that and I am not asking for a free ride. BUT…are there that many people out there that screw companies out of their money that BIG BUSINESS has to have their hand into every dime of the average working stiff?

I fired off an email to paypal, closed my account with them and it helped the angry voices in my head. But I still wonder why??? It’s like the Sirius experience last year at xmas. They are happy to take my money up front, but want me to insure cold, hard cash with a friggin’ piece of plastic!

IT’S UN-AMERICAN! Ok, that is an exaggeration. But, I really can’t believe George, Abe, Hamilton and Grant don’t mean much anymore!

How about some nostalgia?

One of the best damn games, best damn movie, best damn song, ever! I stumbled across this and it brought back a lot of good memories. Of course the GoldenEye Fests, but also sitting there for hours trying to beat the times on each level to unlock the cheats. Memorizing everything. Somewhere between Mario Kart and the IGA I lived and breathed GoldenEye, and to a lesser extent just Bond in general.

Not to mention the 15 days of 007 that TBS used to always run. I remember I’d set the computer up next to the TV and watch all the movies and play along with the trivia that they did live on the internet. You could chat with other people that were watching the movies just a really cool experience. It was leading up to the release of Tomorrow Never Dies in the theater and they were marketing the hell out of it. I remember it all plain as day. I was so juiced about it back then. Its one of those times in life you just wish you could go back and do all over again, ya know?

It’s officially the Christmas season!

We are a little bit late getting the tree up this year, but there she is in all her glory! Well Andrea AND the tree! 😉

I thought about putting lights up outside the house, but decided to save the money. That an there isn’t a single electrical outlet on the outside of our house. I don’t know if thats an excuse or a good reason. Either way, this is probably about as Christmas as its going to get around here this year. Well…maybe I’ll string some lights over the doorways and stuff. I dunno. I really enjoy the holidays, it’d be a shame not to take it to the max!

I guess I’m off to find the bargin string of Christmas lights!

Am I the only one who doesn’t lose sleep over the environment?

Lets be honest…how many of you go to bed each night worrying about all the carbon emissions you put in the air as you drove to work, errands, heating your home, you know…the things that make day to day life possible? Even IF this global warming is a man made creation…Never mind that you’re an infantecimal part of a global trend. Worse case scenario, you’d just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. And even if you DO decide to step out of the line and “go green” the guy that was behind you will still be the tipping point. You just decided to make your life a bigger pain in the ass in the meantime, before the whole world spirals out of control. Although you will be entitled to preach how you are holier than thou, while we all burn a fiery death.

Welp, sorry. I’m not going to buy into the status of it all. Like somehow making it known that I spend more money than a person has to just to reduce my carbon footprint makes me less of a narcissist. And don’t give me the “what about the children crap?” My children won’t care because they won’t know any better. You know there was a time when jet contrails didn’t criss cross they sky 365 days a year. What about that unspoiled beauty that I missed out on? Thanks a lot baby boomers.

But no matter how much I say, I can’t say it as well as C. Montgomery Burns:

“Oooh, so Mother Nature needs a favor?! Well maybe she should have thought of that when she was besetting us with droughts and floods and poison monkeys! Nature started the fight for survival, and now she wants to quit because she’s losing! Well I say, hard cheese”

Why do people do it?

Is it because they just don’t shower regularly? Is it because the think too much of a good thing, must be a great thing? I don’t know.

There’s a couple folks around the radio station here that must seriouly BATHE in perfume and/or cologne. Enough that the first indication that they are in the building is their smell. Enough that their presence lingers long after they’ve left the room.

I just don’t understand the thought process when they’re getting around first thing in the morning. Okaaaay. Two squirts of the fragrance…. aw hell lets take this little spray nozzle off and just kinda splash it about. Maybe I can soak an undershirt in this stuff or something. Boy I smell goooood!

On the other hand I bet the never have to worry about mosquito bites.

N “” key.

I’m ver at my buddy Justin’s huse. We’re just hanging ut prlly ging t play sme Guitar Her. I have t keep my ne pst a day up but his keybard has n “” key.

I guess yu never realize hw imprtant f a letter it is until yu can’t use it!

Har har hardy har har!

Well I don’t particularly like either team but I’m glad KU lost. I’ll be the first to admit that K-State stunk up the joint this year. I mean come on! I can count SEVERAL games that were easily within our grasp, but we lost in the end.

ANYWAY. KU fans were starting to get mouthy. Like they’d been the end all be all of football for as long as anyone can remember. Uhh…first of all, lets recall how TERRIBLE Kansas has been in the recent past. Didn’t K-State have like 12 straight wins against them as little as two years ago?

Let’s not forget who KU has played this year:

Central Michigan – Yes, the juggernaut.

SE Louisiana – Not Southern. Not Eastern. Southeast.

Toledo – 5-7 record

Florida International – They ALMOST won a game this year.

K-State – Sucks.

Baylor – Still sucks.

Texas A&M – 4-4 in the conference.

Nebraska – This team’s got some issues.

Oklahoma State – 6-6 record.

Iowa State – I think they lost to an American Legion team this year.


So I don’t want to hear any more lip from the KU fans. I’ll give the team credit that they were consistent and able to win 11 straight games against teams that were lackluster to average at best. Good job, KU. Good job.