Daily Archives: November 23, 2007

No matter what I feel bad.

I won’t lie. One of my biggest weaknesses is organizing my time. I’ve tried carrying a planner, I’ve tried digital calendars. But when it comes down to it, there’s only so much time in a day/week/etc. Its only a matter of time before my forgetfulness coupled with my underlying urge to try to make people happy gets me in trouble.

I had been on vacation for a while right? And in between cussing sessions with my car, Grandma Pat calls and asks if I can come up for Thanksgiving. I explain to her that Andrea and I already planned on being in SWK for the holiday, and that I have to work Friday, but that I could probably make it up for the weekend after (i.e. tomorrow). Well sometime late Tuesday I check my e-mail and there’s a little reminder in there that I have a remote Saturday (tomorrow) from 1-4. DAMN!

So dreading it, I call up Grandma and Grandpa to tell them I’m not going to be able to make it Saturday and will try to get up there Sunday, but that I probably won’t make it in time to see Uncle David. So they put David on the phone who always gives me jabs about keeping in touch with people as it is ha ha. But he’s pretty understanding. So I wrap up the call feeling bad, but relieved that the tension is over and once again there is certainty in my future. However unpleasant it may be.

Not to long thereafter, Jenn, our night DJ comes in to work, and I was telling her about the whole fiasco (popular term these days) and she offers to do the remote for me! What a nice girl! She’s always going out of her way to be helpful and its nice to work with somebody who will actually do a favor for you from time to time. I asked if she would still let me have the money though, and she said no. Bitch.

In the end the the best possible outcome came through. Well I’m going to have a slightly smaller paycheck, but other than a bit of guilt for for weaseling out of a responsibility I agreed to weeks in advance, I’m relieved. Oh. And I still have turkey to eat. All is right with the world.

Let’s start a pool.

Well there hasn’t been too much posting lately. Partly because of how busy I’ve been trying to get the car going again, and all the traveling. (I’m going to Sabetha tomorrow too!) But mostly I think I’m being too picky in the relevancy of what I post. I was looking back through the archives and there’s a lot of posts that are just quick little thoughts, or small little moments of the day, that are just a joy to go back and read. It brings back the memory of something that would have been otherwise forgotten.

So starting today I’m going to post AT LEAST ONCE A DAY, no matter how insignificant. I already know its not going to last. Haha. I have a resurgence of posting for a few days, then it always falls off. So I’m going say 17 days of posting without missing one (including today). That’s at least a post a day until December 9th. I can do it!

It should make it more encouraging to visit the site, but more than anything a couple years from now I can look back at the posts and say, “OH yeah! I forgot about that.” Ha ha!