Daily Archives: November 24, 2007

Har har hardy har har!

Well I don’t particularly like either team but I’m glad KU lost. I’ll be the first to admit that K-State stunk up the joint this year. I mean come on! I can count SEVERAL games that were easily within our grasp, but we lost in the end.

ANYWAY. KU fans were starting to get mouthy. Like they’d been the end all be all of football for as long as anyone can remember. Uhh…first of all, lets recall how TERRIBLE Kansas has been in the recent past. Didn’t K-State have like 12 straight wins against them as little as two years ago?

Let’s not forget who KU has played this year:

Central Michigan – Yes, the juggernaut.

SE Louisiana – Not Southern. Not Eastern. Southeast.

Toledo – 5-7 record

Florida International – They ALMOST won a game this year.

K-State – Sucks.

Baylor – Still sucks.

Texas A&M – 4-4 in the conference.

Nebraska – This team’s got some issues.

Oklahoma State – 6-6 record.

Iowa State – I think they lost to an American Legion team this year.


So I don’t want to hear any more lip from the KU fans. I’ll give the team credit that they were consistent and able to win 11 straight games against teams that were lackluster to average at best. Good job, KU. Good job.

Thar be snow!

Welp. It snowed more than I thought it would. Still only around an inch or so. Just enough to make it look pretty. Looks like I’ll have some pretty scenery on the way to Sabetha today!