Daily Archives: November 26, 2007

Why do people do it?

Is it because they just don’t shower regularly? Is it because the think too much of a good thing, must be a great thing? I don’t know.

There’s a couple folks around the radio station here that must seriouly BATHE in perfume and/or cologne. Enough that the first indication that they are in the building is their smell. Enough that their presence lingers long after they’ve left the room.

I just don’t understand the thought process when they’re getting around first thing in the morning. Okaaaay. Two squirts of the fragrance…. aw hell lets take this little spray nozzle off and just kinda splash it about. Maybe I can soak an undershirt in this stuff or something. Boy I smell goooood!

On the other hand I bet the never have to worry about mosquito bites.