It’s officially the Christmas season!

We are a little bit late getting the tree up this year, but there she is in all her glory! Well Andrea AND the tree! 😉

I thought about putting lights up outside the house, but decided to save the money. That an there isn’t a single electrical outlet on the outside of our house. I don’t know if thats an excuse or a good reason. Either way, this is probably about as Christmas as its going to get around here this year. Well…maybe I’ll string some lights over the doorways and stuff. I dunno. I really enjoy the holidays, it’d be a shame not to take it to the max!

I guess I’m off to find the bargin string of Christmas lights!

Posted on November 27, 2007, in Holidays. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Jamie and Bryson put up my tree the other night. Well, Jamie put it up, Bryson took it down, Jamie put it up, Bryson took it down….and so on.

    Bryan, Jamie and Bryson are moving this weekend. We’ll see if she puts her tree up in the new house. And between Daisy and Bryson, we’ll see how long it stays up! I do believe Daisy will be the bigger problem! She likes to climb up into the tree. Bryson just likes the pretty ornaments.

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