Daily Archives: November 28, 2007

How about some nostalgia?

One of the best damn games, best damn movie, best damn song, ever! I stumbled across this and it brought back a lot of good memories. Of course the GoldenEye Fests, but also sitting there for hours trying to beat the times on each level to unlock the cheats. Memorizing everything. Somewhere between Mario Kart and the IGA I lived and breathed GoldenEye, and to a lesser extent just Bond in general.

Not to mention the 15 days of 007 that TBS used to always run. I remember I’d set the computer up next to the TV and watch all the movies and play along with the trivia that they did live on the internet. You could chat with other people that were watching the movies just a really cool experience. It was leading up to the release of Tomorrow Never Dies in the theater and they were marketing the hell out of it. I remember it all plain as day. I was so juiced about it back then. Its one of those times in life you just wish you could go back and do all over again, ya know?