For all you people who wish you won radio contests…

Consider this. We just finished up our Extreme Makeover contest. If you’ve ever seen the show, Ty Pennington busts in on somebody’s place, takes over there house and remodels it. Kinda like a Pimp My Ride for homes. Well we just kinda steal the name and use it instead of calling the contest “A bunch of crap you don’t really need.” We delivered today “Almost $7,000 worth of stuff.” Which was actually around $6,250 worth of stuff, so we really should have said “Almost almost $7,000 worth of stuff.”

And that’s all it is, is stuff. No real rhyme or reason to the collection of items. We gave a surround sound system but no TV or no couch. Not one, but TWO dining room tables! (For BOTH your dining rooms!) And antique wood framed mirror. A closet organizer, and supposedly $800 in bed and bath accessories. Which should take up more than two bags if you ask me. Check out one of these dining room tables, yeah…where you gonna put that in your house?

Point is, even though it sounds good on the air, don’t be too heartbroke if you don’t win some of that stuff. There’s a young couple in a small house in Manhattan that isn’t going to be able to use their living room until they have a garage sale or an auction, or rent a storage unit. When $6,000 cash would have fit in their back pocket and they could have gotten something they actually wanted.

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  1. $6,000 cash doesn’t equal $6,000 trade for ill-conceived commercials. By the way, I fought hard to get the contest called “A bunch of crap you don’t really need.” It was one of my many failures.

    Two dining room tables. Wow, so sadly predictable. This is classic in every way possible and brings back so many memories. Thank you.

  2. So, you guys are saying that this contest gives new meaning to the phrase, “What a load of crap!”

    That’s almost as good as when Bryan called in to win some kind of tickets. He wasn’t sure what it was, but hear the dj say, “caller number such and such wins the tickets”. So he calls in and wins. Turns out they were tickets to go see the male strippers. Unless there’s something we don’t know about Bryan, I’m guessing he’d rather have won two dining room tables! haha

  3. Ha ha, Stooks. The day we give away even $1,000 cash (Books and Money doesn’t count) is the day I pop a squat on Ed’s desk and say “Good game, dude.”

    Got the picture of that ridiculous table finally. Now I’m off do do a remote at a place that doesn’t open until next week.


  4. My favorite part of the delivery was the sitting out in front of the house, with the huge Furniture Warehouse truck, both station vehicles, two sales people, one delivery guy and six DJs, for 40 minutes waiting for the guy to come home.

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