Monthly Archives: December 2007

Look for me on CNN!

I’m doing the New Years broadcast for the radio station tonight in Aggieville.  It’s gonna be a cold mo-fo.  Lots of people.  Lots of confetti.  If you see me I’ll be a little blip on the screen to the right of the main stage, shivering my ass off!

Hope everybody has a fun New Years Eve!  Don’t get too crazy!

Riddle me this:

How does a band get erased on Guitar Hero? I’d gone to all the trouble of completing a level on Guitar Hero and went back to step up a level and my band is gone! Is it a glitch or would it be someone erasing my shtuff?

Let’s face it, not quite a LARGE SCALE problem, but still kind of tics me off!

Now that I got it, what do I use it for?

You know, I can vaguely remember thinking several times that I needed a printer hooked up to this computer. But, for the life of me I can’t remember what I wanted to print. Now I have one hooked up and can’t think of anything I need printed out!

The printer you picked up in nice. I tested it out on photo printing and it works great. I couldn’t for the life of me think of anything to use the regular printer for so I could test it out and see if it worked after I hooked it up to the computer. It works on it’s own, as a photo printer and a scanner/copier, but wanted to make sure the usb cable I got was right. I finally just went into the word processor program and wrote “Test” a few times to see if it’d print. It did. I can remember going onto the ign site and printing out game walkthroughs. Maybe I should try something like that.

Oh well, it works. I’m sure it’ll come back to me what all I needed this for. I’d just hate to think I have an expensive photo printer! (If that’s all I ever use it for!) Remember the dvd burn drive I SWORE I’d never need? I’m sure this is going to be the same and I will wonder how I lived without it in a month or so!

Well we got Guitar Hero 3…

Here’s how:

We’re over at Andrea’s Sister’s house passing the time until everybody shows up.  Andrea claims the wireless guitar is giving her fits, so we hook up the corded one.  I finally get a turn and am thoroughly sucking it up, when across walks Andrea and catches the cord on the guitar.  The PS2 goes flying, and the disc goes sailing out of the machine hell bent on destruction.

We get everything situated again, put the disc back, and all seems well and good.  Until a couple songs start skipping.  Uh oh!  So she decided to buy them a new copy of the game and we took the scratched one!  She’s so sweet!  We got a disc scratch fixer.  The scratch still looks pretty nasty, but it doesn’t seem to skip anymore.

So on top of that I got a closet organizer, Drinking Checkers (you play with shot glasses instead of checkers) and a microwave.  If anybody needs a microwave let me know, we have two now!

Merry Christmas!

We’re down here in Wichita at Andrea’s sister’s place to do Christmas with her family.  Just wanted to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and hope everybody has a great day!

Am I allowed to put this on a resume?

Well, I piddle around in photoshop from time to time. Mostly just cropping things, or changing the color of of my car. Ha ha. Recently though the Oldsmobile website I visit was looking to come up with a sticker that members could slap on their car and show their allegiance to the forum. I figured what the hell and came up with a little something.

Everybody voted, and whadda ya know, my design won!

Not only that, the owner of the site asked me to try to turn it into a banner ad they could run to promote sponsorship on the site.  Check it out, though you might have to refresh a couple times before it pops up in rotation.

I don’t get any money off the deal, which I never expected to anyway.  I’m just goofing around and happy to lend some nerd help.  Since there’s a lot of people who know a lot more about cars than me on there, I suppose this is the best way I can be useful on an automotive forum!  Ha ha.  Just kinda cool to see something I did have a widespread impact.  People from the San Fransisco, North Carolina, and in between will be sticking these on their cars.  Just kinda cool.

Well, I’ll be!

I’ve been goofing around with the PS2 and, if you can believe it, I’ve managed to make it through a few songs on the medium level. There was no cheating involved, but I’d have to say there was a whole lotta luck to it!

John brought over Guitar Hero II and it is easier. Seriously! The third one makes me do these bogus battles to finish some of the levels. I’ve tried and tried and can’t get the hang of that!

So, it is clear that there isn’t much skill involved in my passing a few songs on a higher level…just plain luck!

Oh, sweet tasty milk!

I’ve always drank a lot of milk.  I love milk.  But I can’t drink that stuff Andrea drinks.  Fat free skim.  BLECH!  So we each have separate jugs of milk in the fridge all the time.  Andrea brings a fresh jug home for me the other day, and I notice that it’s a different brand than usual.  No biggie I think to myself.  Milk is milk.  I take a swig and DAMN THAT’S GOOD!

“That new brand of milk you got is GREAT!” I tell her.  (Seriously it was damn tasty.) “We should get that brand from now on!”

“Well it’s whole milk,” she says.   “They were out of 2%.”   OOOOHHH.  That makes a whole lot of sense.  (Man, there’s no such thing as a good pun, is there?)

So now I’m torn.  I had been drinking 2% for so long that I had forgotten the full flavored goodness of whole milk.  Do I go back to the relative healthiness of  2%?  Or indulge myself in all of Vitamin D’s glory and to hell with the consequences?  The eternal struggle of Good vs. Good For You continues on.

The internet returns!

I have the internet back…and I’m swimming in it!

Guitar Hero-ific

I figured since Duane would head out on the road right after Christmas I would let him have his PS2 and Guitar Hero early, while he is home for a few days and can play. He loves it.

I’m just not sure that ‘Guitar Hero’ is the right name for the game. I am halfway across the house while he is playing right now and I don’t hear any music. There’s just a “clack, clack, clack, clack-clack, clackity-clack-clack” resounding in the house.

I think it should be called “Clack Hero”. Ha-Ha!!