Orange High Life?

Man, I thought I won some sort of million dollar contest when I pulled this can out of the case.  Bright orange High Life!  (At least its not orange flavored!)  Turns out they’re just changing the cans for the hunting season.  I somehow bought the case, got all the way home, stuck it in the fridge, opened and pulled out the can without noticing the giant orange can, or all the turkeys plastered all over the case.

In related news, in a clear container, High Life glows green under a black light.  Great for parties!  😉

Posted on December 3, 2007, in Weird. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. That’s kinda cool. I’d have guessed Halloween! Is beer something that needs a ‘seasonal’ gimmick?

  2. when i first glanced at the rss feed i thought i read “orange half life” and im thinking to myself ok whats up with half life. but as soon as i click the article a beer can shows up i double check the title …. “orange HIGH life” man was i disappointed to find out it wasn’t about one of my favorite games lol 😛

    of course its apparently written in the law that you have to drink when your hunting that way you are liable when you shoot someone. and the orange can you can miss it although that never works with camouflage ppl were that bright orange stuff and still get shot!

  3. To their credit it did say “Enjoy after the hunt.” How boring.

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