Duane’s nutzo cat.

Here’s everyone’s favorite 2007 cat modeler.  Here’s one of the new models.  Extra loud.  I was talking to mom on the phone the other night and I swear you could hear this cat plain as day.  It was going.  “HEY!  HEEEY!”  Looks like a cute cat, although kinda blurry.  I hope Bryson isn’t making a kitty “shaken not stirred.”


Posted on December 5, 2007, in Animals. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Shortly after this picture was taken Bryson learned that li’l kitty has claws. He let go of her and she was just hanging off his sleeper.

    I really think Jamie and Bryan need to get one of these li’l kitties for Bryson for Christmas. He had a blast with it! He’d hold it upside down, rightside up, use it as a pillow, it was a ‘speed bump’ for his toy motorcycle… This cat is like a ginsu knife, 101 uses!

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