Daily Archives: December 8, 2007

Cold and Ice

Boy, today was one of those days that you get up, you get on the road and say, “Man I wish I didn’t have anything to do today.”  I left the house for a remote today at around 9:00, and the roads were black ice.  Saw 4 cars and a semi truck in the ditch on my way over to the radio station.  Everybody on the interstate was doing about 40 mph.  Except for the dude that thinks its cool to “just drive normal.”  I like to think those people are having to get towed out of a snowbank a few miles later down the road.  It was SLICK!

Didn’t cancel the remote though.  Didn’t have too many people show up, but it could have been worse.  There were actually a lot of people out and about.  Between everyone Christmas shopping, and K-State graduation, there were a few too many idiots on the road for my taste.  I took enough hits in the old car, I don’t really want to start getting this one beat up!  I’ve put too much work into it now.  =P

Tomorrow is probably going to be better though.  Its supposed to actually snow instead of this freezing rain crap.  Slush, snow, packed snow, I can dig that no problem.  “Just drive normal.”  Ha ha!