Daily Archives: December 10, 2007

I’ve got skillz.

Well in Guild Wars you can get “titles” for certian accomplishments. Some of them more meaningful (relatively speaking) than others. For instance if you beat all the missions you get the title “Protector of Tyria”. One particular title I am persuing is “Drunkard” which you receive for being ‘drunk’ for 1,000 minutes. It’s a pain in the butt because you have to double click an ale every minute for 1,000 minutes to get the title. I thought it was pretty dumb that I had to sit there for 1,000 minutes just staring at the screen, double clicking every 60 seconds.

So with the help of a piece of software called AutoHotkey I was able to write a simple little script that double clicked every 60 seconds for me whether I was there or not! Why do all the mundane work when a computer can do it for you right? I had to go back to the days of old, back when I programmed a coin toss program where you could bet whether or not it would be heads or tails on an old Ti-86 graphing calculator in High School. I figured if I could do that, I could make a computer click a couple times every minute.

So wait, I paid money for a game so I could make a computer play it for me…wha?