Daily Archives: December 11, 2007

Little bit of ice.

Here’s some pics of what happened overnight last night as the ice storm rolled through.

Pretty crazy.  I think the El Camino is okay, but I wasn’t going to run out there and check.  It was like a war zone man.  Trees were literally falling from the sky.  You’re hear CRACK!  POP!  WHAM!  as a limb would fall from a tree.  A guy could get killed just standing around out there.  I had to go clear the driveway so Andrea could get her car out for work and it was like being in a minefield.  Just hoping you don’t step in the wrong place at the wrong time.

We’ve been lucky not to lose power yet.  Our power lines are pretty vulnerable though.  I think they’re running straight through a tree or two.  So I’m almost just waiting for it to happen.  They’re calling for another half to 3/4 an inch of ice throughout the day.  Who knows what I’ll come home to.  Good thing the pets have fur coats.

We’re doing fine though.  Andrea made it to work, and I’ll head that way in a bit.  Nothing is broke yet that I can tell, and it’ll be up to my landlord to figure out what to do with all the big ass limbs.  I’ll be nice to pile ’em all up for him though!