Daily Archives: December 19, 2007

Still not 100%

Well power is back and life is kinda returning to normal.  Just a few little anoyances remain.  Like the three giant piles of limbs that are laying in my yard waiting to get hauled off.  I piled up all the stuff I could carry, but the landlord is going to have to come over with a chainsaw and cut up the bigger stuff.  There’s limbs so big laying on the ground that I can’t even drag them.  Not that I’m Hanz or Franz, but the fact remains, that they ain’t moving anywhere if its up to me to move them.  I could start hauling stuff out with the El Camino, but it’d probably take 15 trips.  There’s ALOT of tree on the ground.  Times like this I wish I lived in the country and could just light ’em all on fire. Of course if I lived in the country, I probably wouldn’t have my power back yet either.  There’s still lots of folks in the dark.

Our cable hasn’t been hooked back up yet.  I understand that there’s a lot of customers down, but when we called them to let them know, they wouldn’t even take our address.  They just said they’re going to go from house to house and see who’s out.  I dunno how long that’s going to take, but I’d guess it could be months.  I’m sure they still want me to pay my full monthly bill though.  Yeah, it’s a bad deal for everybody, this storm, but I bet if you were losing income off the deal, you’d be a little more motivated to get out there and get people hooked back up.  If its not hooked up tonight when I get home I guess I’m going to have to call and be the squeaky wheel.  I bet they have a list for THOSE people.

Being without the internet is an inconvience, but it’s not that bad really.  I’d probably be more tore up about it if I hadn’t been out of power for three and a half days and realize how nice it is just to have a warm place to sleep.  That kinda helps put things in perspective.  I’ve still been able to efficiently waste my time.  I’ve been playing a lot of Final Fantasy XII and having fun with that game that I’ve been putting off for a while.  Watched some movies and lots of Friends episodes with Andrea.

So its not all bad, but it will still be nice to be able to settle back into the old routine again.  I suppose it’s good to mix it up once in a while though!