Daily Archives: December 20, 2007

Oh, sweet tasty milk!

I’ve always drank a lot of milk.  I love milk.  But I can’t drink that stuff Andrea drinks.  Fat free skim.  BLECH!  So we each have separate jugs of milk in the fridge all the time.  Andrea brings a fresh jug home for me the other day, and I notice that it’s a different brand than usual.  No biggie I think to myself.  Milk is milk.  I take a swig and DAMN THAT’S GOOD!

“That new brand of milk you got is GREAT!” I tell her.  (Seriously it was damn tasty.) “We should get that brand from now on!”

“Well it’s whole milk,” she says.   “They were out of 2%.”   OOOOHHH.  That makes a whole lot of sense.  (Man, there’s no such thing as a good pun, is there?)

So now I’m torn.  I had been drinking 2% for so long that I had forgotten the full flavored goodness of whole milk.  Do I go back to the relative healthiness of  2%?  Or indulge myself in all of Vitamin D’s glory and to hell with the consequences?  The eternal struggle of Good vs. Good For You continues on.

The internet returns!

I have the internet back…and I’m swimming in it!

Guitar Hero-ific

I figured since Duane would head out on the road right after Christmas I would let him have his PS2 and Guitar Hero early, while he is home for a few days and can play. He loves it.

I’m just not sure that ‘Guitar Hero’ is the right name for the game. I am halfway across the house while he is playing right now and I don’t hear any music. There’s just a “clack, clack, clack, clack-clack, clackity-clack-clack” resounding in the house.

I think it should be called “Clack Hero”. Ha-Ha!!