Oh, sweet tasty milk!

I’ve always drank a lot of milk.  I love milk.  But I can’t drink that stuff Andrea drinks.  Fat free skim.  BLECH!  So we each have separate jugs of milk in the fridge all the time.  Andrea brings a fresh jug home for me the other day, and I notice that it’s a different brand than usual.  No biggie I think to myself.  Milk is milk.  I take a swig and DAMN THAT’S GOOD!

“That new brand of milk you got is GREAT!” I tell her.  (Seriously it was damn tasty.) “We should get that brand from now on!”

“Well it’s whole milk,” she says.   “They were out of 2%.”   OOOOHHH.  That makes a whole lot of sense.  (Man, there’s no such thing as a good pun, is there?)

So now I’m torn.  I had been drinking 2% for so long that I had forgotten the full flavored goodness of whole milk.  Do I go back to the relative healthiness of  2%?  Or indulge myself in all of Vitamin D’s glory and to hell with the consequences?  The eternal struggle of Good vs. Good For You continues on.


Posted on December 20, 2007, in Hells Yeah!. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Do you recall having half and half? Nothing better on hot cereal!

    I can’t say I taste that much difference between 2% and whole milk. Jamie drinks 2% over here and so does Bryson and neither one seems to show much of a reaction to the difference. Of course, Bryson is too young to care and Jamie is probably to thirsty to care. I know she refuses to buy 2%.

  2. cant be any worse for you than beer.

  3. To hear all the so-called experts tell it, nothing is good for us anymore!

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