Am I allowed to put this on a resume?

Well, I piddle around in photoshop from time to time. Mostly just cropping things, or changing the color of of my car. Ha ha. Recently though the Oldsmobile website I visit was looking to come up with a sticker that members could slap on their car and show their allegiance to the forum. I figured what the hell and came up with a little something.

Everybody voted, and whadda ya know, my design won!

Not only that, the owner of the site asked me to try to turn it into a banner ad they could run to promote sponsorship on the site.  Check it out, though you might have to refresh a couple times before it pops up in rotation.

I don’t get any money off the deal, which I never expected to anyway.  I’m just goofing around and happy to lend some nerd help.  Since there’s a lot of people who know a lot more about cars than me on there, I suppose this is the best way I can be useful on an automotive forum!  Ha ha.  Just kinda cool to see something I did have a widespread impact.  People from the San Fransisco, North Carolina, and in between will be sticking these on their cars.  Just kinda cool.

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