Daily Archives: December 26, 2007

Well we got Guitar Hero 3…

Here’s how:

We’re over at Andrea’s Sister’s house passing the time until everybody shows up.  Andrea claims the wireless guitar is giving her fits, so we hook up the corded one.  I finally get a turn and am thoroughly sucking it up, when across walks Andrea and catches the cord on the guitar.  The PS2 goes flying, and the disc goes sailing out of the machine hell bent on destruction.

We get everything situated again, put the disc back, and all seems well and good.  Until a couple songs start skipping.  Uh oh!  So she decided to buy them a new copy of the game and we took the scratched one!  She’s so sweet!  We got a disc scratch fixer.  The scratch still looks pretty nasty, but it doesn’t seem to skip anymore.

So on top of that I got a closet organizer, Drinking Checkers (you play with shot glasses instead of checkers) and a microwave.  If anybody needs a microwave let me know, we have two now!