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Go figure!

I had to work tonight and since it’s gotten cold again I decided to wear my K-State sweatshirt. Little did I know, tonight was the KSU vs KU game there in Manhattan. The bartender is a big, BIG KU fan so it turned out I wore KSU garb and he was in KU duds.

They made such a big deal about it being ALL THOSE YEARS and KU always wins in Manhattan, blah-blah-duh-blah!!! Well, I guess we showed them! I didn’t rub it in too much, but I did have to say something!

Be careful making fun of people.

Well Andrea decided to get the cable TV going again at our place.  She called last week to get it set up, and they said it would be turned on by Monday at the latest.  Monday came and went so we stopped by Cox and said what’s up?  They said they’d send someone over Wednesday to find out what the deal was, but it showed that they already turned it on.

Well we’ve had cable before and I knew it worked.  “Did you hook it up right?”  I asked her.  She said she was pretty sure, so I got to looking.  The cable box was hooked to the TV.  But I looked at the cable outlet on the wall and there was nothing plugged in!  “Well there’s your problem!”

I gave her some jabs for a while and then I went to go take out the pizza I thew in the oven for her when she headed home from work.  She looks at it and says, “You forgot to take the cardboard off the bottom before you put it in the oven!”  DOH!

I guess we’re even, eh?

Caption these.

We need a couple more computers.

Andrea decided to do some upgrading to the server the other night.  It involved a sort of Frankenstein operation taking parts from her old computer, my old one, and her sister’s all stitched together into one.  Come to find out, the only spare video card we had was too old to be compatible with the new motherboard.  So everything had to go back the way it was!

I get a kick out of that picture though, because there’s a total of two working computers, three monitors three disassembled computers laying around.  And she’s on the laptop of all things!

Just another day in the life of a geek.

Sick people annoy the hell out of me!

The main reason I detest cold weather is the flu season. All kinds of germs and bugs are out there and for some reason I seem to find them!

I’d managed to catch something a week and a half ago. Miserable! Temp, sore throat, blah-blah… I spent my money, went to the doctor, got medicine and got better. Stayed home til the doctor said I wasn’t contagious, then went back out into the public.

Now, less than two weeks later I get sick again! Back to the doctor, more medicine… I woke up at 4 a.m. tired, but wide awake. THAT is frustrating. I laid there for an hour talking to the cat. And she looked up at me like she understood my misery, precious thing!

All of this because sick people don’t stay home. Now, I understand that being in a bubble is impossible. But have you ever walked thru a store and there is a person coughing and sneezing and no concern over covering their mouth? Dragging their sick kids out in a restaurant with snot running down their face, cheeks flushed and even a perfect stranger like me can tell they don’t feel good? Oh, my favorite… People who leave their used kleenex in the shopping cart!? WHAT is all this about?

I realize I am a germ-a-phobic. But it’s freaking ridiculous! And after spending $150 on medicine and dr office visits in the past ten days, I think I have a right to bitch! I’d rather walk into a place of business and see a sign telling me they are under-staffed due to employees’ being gone with the flu than walk in and have some sick fool coughing all over me, my purchase or whatever!

Fuzz and I talked about this at 4 a.m. and she agreed with me! I love that cat!!!!

Taxes filed

Well Andrea did her taxes last night and it got me motivated to do mine too. Don’t have my W-2 yet, but I was able to use my last paycheck of the year and get all the info filled in online. I tell ya what, the internet friggin’ rocks when it comes to things like this. It’s sent off they’ll get it today, and I’ll have my refund in 8-15 days put straight in my account. How did the world work before!?

Getting a pretty decent refund too. Combined with the insurance money from the El Camino and I should have a pretty nice chunk of cash to put towards another project. Though I’m torn on what that should be! But figure that out, get the new springs and shocks for the Toronado. And I think with the rest of it, I’m finally going to start up an IRA. Wow, aren’t I a grown up!

Get your facts straight.

My phone starts ringing at about 7:24am this morning. It’s my day off and I was wondering who in the hell was calling me this early. I pick up the phone and it’s my manager at the store. He says “Did you know you work 7-4 today?” I was all groggy from just waking up after going to bed at 3am. I said “No. I thought I had today off since I asked for it off.” He said “It says on my computer that that’s what you work today. If you could come in as soon as possible everything will be ok.”

I’m thinking I already have my 40 hours for the week, why would they have me scheduled for another 8 hours? I told him “I asked for the day off cause I have family coming to visit, so I really can’t come in. Plus, that would put me over my 40 hours.” He proceeds to tell me “That’s all right. You could work till 1 and the rest of the day should be fine.” I said “The schedule on the wall doesn’t say that I’m scheduled today.” He goes “Really? Let me go check. …. Yeah, it doesn’t have you on that one, go ahead and forget about it and go back to sleep.”

I didn’t even bother to say goodbye, I just hung up and went back to sleep. That just goes to show you that computers can really help you, but they can also put you on the schedule when you’re supposed to have the day off. Tricky little things!

Yay! A day off!!

I woke up at 5 a.m. and almost rolled over and went back to sleep, but then I remembered… IT’S SATURDAY!!! A wonderful, glorious day off! THESE are my favorite days. Nothing on my schedule of events more strenuous than a little crossword puzzling or a bit of Rock Starring. These days don’t happen very often and I am going to enjoy it! I’ll probably be bored to death by one o’clock this afternoon and take a nap. Man!!! doesn’t that sounds AWESOME?! I Love It!!!!!!


Settled on the El Camino.

The insurance adjuster got back with me today, sooner than I thought. The damage did total the car, as expected. We’re going to meet next week and exchange the title and they’re going to cut me a check for $850. I’m pretty satisfied. I’d have a pretty hard time selling the car for that much, even without the roof damage. I had the option to keep the car and get about $300 less, but I’d still be stuck getting the roof fixed which would be costly to get done right. Best to cut my losses and move on to the next project, I think.

Trying out a new theme.

Change is good, right?  Can’t remember how long I was with the old theme, but figured I’d change it up a bit.  Supposedly this theme I can customize the header image and cool things like that.  We’ll see.  Might roll back to the old one.  It was pretty plain, but flexable.  So we’ll see where a little tweaking takes things.