Daily Archives: January 3, 2008

How nerdy am I?

Well let me tell you.  I’m playing Guild Wars last night winding down from the day.  And I’m getting close to heading to bed, but I find out that there’s a Polar Bear minipet that you can get from one of the chests for the special Wintersday event they did for Christmas/New Years.

Aww…look at that cute little guy!  I love the mini pets in this game, but this one was special.  There’s only a couple known to exist out of the 4 million or so players, so prices were astronomical that these things were going for.  One person offered a price of 1500 ecto…or about $100 REAL US Dollars based on the exchange rate in game currency is being sold for.  That’s pretty crazy if you ask me!  So I ended up staying up later than I anticipated, trying to get my hands on one of these polar bears to sell.  No such luck as the odds are apparently those of winning the lottery.

Oh, it gets nerdier.

So this little guy caused such an uproar, that I’m just sitting in one of the towns trying to convince myself to go to bed before midnight.  Then all of a sudden the Guild Wars “Community Relations Manager” comes online in the town I’m in, and starts asking if anybody has seen the polar bear because SHE hasn’t even seen it.  The real nerdy part is I snapped a screenshot of my standing next to this video game “celebrity”.

I’m lame, I know.  But at least I’m not obsessed with the game or anything.  I mean I was in bed by 1:00!