Daily Archives: January 10, 2008

A couple last pictures.

Well the insurance adjuster is supposed to be intouch with me here in the next day or so. So I figured I’d get the El Camino washed off and looking as good as it CAN look. At least I can say I got some use out of it. Hauled a several loads of limbs out of the place and had fun driving it to work a couple days.

Never did get much work done on it since I started painting the Toronado shortly after I got this. Just got the new bumper put on, trim rings on the wheels and a couple odds and ends. Never did get around to getting the real tail lights working though. But sure seems like she came a long way since I got her:

I’ll probably save a lot of parts incase I get another El Camino of the same body style, or just sell a bunch of parts. Who knows. Either way I think I got my money’s worth out of it, and I can say I owned an El Camino!

This will be cool! (When we learn how to play!)

When Andrew came out for Christmas he was telling his dad that he’d gotten a ps3 and Rock Band and it was all sorts of fun! Duane said he’d like to have it. I poo-poo-ed the whole idea, thinking I’d never find it at Walmart. Well, turns out I was WRONG! (In all sorts of ways!)

First of all, I had no idea what the game is. I just figured it was another version of Guitar Hero, and in my defense it sort of is. It’s just a lot more involved.
Secondly, I really didn’t think I would find it in the store. Well, Jamie and I were shopping yesterday and we nearly tripped over a big shipment of them sitting in the middle of the aisle waiting to be put away.

Lastly, after the holidays we’re one of those people that really needs to watch the cash flow. Oh wait, I was totally right on that one. But this game looked to be too much fun to pass up and I decided to blow the extra money for the ‘special edition’.

This is a fun game! It gets everyone involved. There are drums, guitar and microphone. Granted, we can’t figure out how the microphone works yet, but I just took a half hour after work last night and played a couple of songs. The drums are hard, guitar is a little easier than Guitar Hero.

We’ll have to bring it up when we come visit. You guys can join our Rock Band!!