A couple last pictures.

Well the insurance adjuster is supposed to be intouch with me here in the next day or so. So I figured I’d get the El Camino washed off and looking as good as it CAN look. At least I can say I got some use out of it. Hauled a several loads of limbs out of the place and had fun driving it to work a couple days.

Never did get much work done on it since I started painting the Toronado shortly after I got this. Just got the new bumper put on, trim rings on the wheels and a couple odds and ends. Never did get around to getting the real tail lights working though. But sure seems like she came a long way since I got her:

I’ll probably save a lot of parts incase I get another El Camino of the same body style, or just sell a bunch of parts. Who knows. Either way I think I got my money’s worth out of it, and I can say I owned an El Camino!

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  1. Have you heard anything from the adjuster? I hope he goes by your bluebook value! That would be GREAT!

  2. Well the adjuster came by today. She looked the car over, took some pictures and some notes. She said she was pretty sure it was going to get totaled. Hell I coulda told her that! But she won’t be able to offer me a settlement until next week, which is fine, its not going anywhere anytime soon.

    So still no idea what they’re going to offer me for the car. If I get $500 I won’t complain, anything less than that I’ll be kinda miffed. If I get $1,000 or more I’ll be ecstatic. She didn’t ask anything about it mechanically. So as far as she knows it’s got three forward gears and working tailights, haha.

    So wish me luck.

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