Daily Archives: January 14, 2008

Watch your head, you could be next!

Well this last weekend my grandma went in the hospital for a cerebral hemorrhage.  Really a bad deal, but seems to be heading towards the best possible outcome all things considered.  When I first got the call last Thursday, the talk was to hurry because there might not be much time.  Luckily its now Monday and they’ve moved her from Critical Care to a regular hospital room.  For now it looks like long term therapy though, she has a lot of the same effects of a stroke.  She has limited movement on her left side, and has some difficulty getting the words she wants out.  Still has quite a bit of pain too.  But hopefully with time, she can get close to 100%, but there’s no way to know.  Just lots of prayers is about all we can do for now!


I’m out helping put the new transmitter in at KQLA in Manhattan.  It’s big and heavy, so 5 of us were muscling it around trying to get it down a ramp into the building, and one of the guys grabs a safe jack and lifts it to slide it over the transmitter into the building so the guys in there could use it.  As he’s lifting it, the handle swings down and smacks me square on the top of the head HARD!  It’s a hard device to describe, but imagine getting a five foot long wooden baseball bat dropped on your head from about 4 feet.

I didn’t quite know what happened at first.  We were using a winch, and I thought maybe the winch cable snapped and got me.  I couldn’t even tell where I got hit.  Then I looked down and the cable was still there, then realized my head was throbbing pretty good.  I take off my hat to feel how big a bump I got, then noticed my hand was covered in blood.  I was pretty freaked out for a few seconds, but they looked it over, and it must have just broke the skin, but no gash.  So I just got my bell rung real good.  But still, kinda scary.

So I dunno what’s going around, but you might wear a helmet just in case!