Daily Archives: January 19, 2008

Get your facts straight.

My phone starts ringing at about 7:24am this morning. It’s my day off and I was wondering who in the hell was calling me this early. I pick up the phone and it’s my manager at the store. He says “Did you know you work 7-4 today?” I was all groggy from just waking up after going to bed at 3am. I said “No. I thought I had today off since I asked for it off.” He said “It says on my computer that that’s what you work today. If you could come in as soon as possible everything will be ok.”

I’m thinking I already have my 40 hours for the week, why would they have me scheduled for another 8 hours? I told him “I asked for the day off cause I have family coming to visit, so I really can’t come in. Plus, that would put me over my 40 hours.” He proceeds to tell me “That’s all right. You could work till 1 and the rest of the day should be fine.” I said “The schedule on the wall doesn’t say that I’m scheduled today.” He goes “Really? Let me go check. …. Yeah, it doesn’t have you on that one, go ahead and forget about it and go back to sleep.”

I didn’t even bother to say goodbye, I just hung up and went back to sleep. That just goes to show you that computers can really help you, but they can also put you on the schedule when you’re supposed to have the day off. Tricky little things!

Yay! A day off!!

I woke up at 5 a.m. and almost rolled over and went back to sleep, but then I remembered… IT’S SATURDAY!!! A wonderful, glorious day off! THESE are my favorite days. Nothing on my schedule of events more strenuous than a little crossword puzzling or a bit of Rock Starring. These days don’t happen very often and I am going to enjoy it! I’ll probably be bored to death by one o’clock this afternoon and take a nap. Man!!! doesn’t that sounds AWESOME?! I Love It!!!!!!