Monthly Archives: February 2008

Welp, I guess I’m going to let them go.

All those parts I had for the El Camino.  It’s looking like I’m probably not going to find another before I move and all those parts would be expensive or damn near impossible to move.  So I’m going to see what I can sell and whatever I can’t sell I suppose I’ll have to just take to the scrapyard and get what I can for it.

It kinda makes me sad, but the plan is to take the money from those parts (which is a lot easier to move 😉 ) and put it towards another El Camino.  One in a bit better shape that hopefully I won’t even NEED all those parts.  Luckily tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and in the mid 60’s up here.  I’ll get everything strung out and get some nice pictures and start posting around and see.  It’s not the most popular body style, so finding a buyer might be tricky around here.  If you know anybody with a 73-77 El Camino or Malibu send ’em my way!  I’ll make ’em a heck of a deal!

Mud everywhere!

Well for the last two months there’s either been snow on the ground, or the ground has been frozen. Last couple of days have been decent, but now EVERYTHING is mud. My landlord was nice enough to come over with a plow and push snow from the driveway and sidewalk. Unfortunately, he pushed a lot of the gravel with it. So those are mud too.

Let the dog out. Muddy paws.

Take the trash out. Muddy feet.

Get out of the driveway. Muddy car.

Come home. Muddy carpet.

Bring on the sunshine!

Going to be doing some re-organizing.

Well the blog has changed a lot in the 3 years since I started it.  I’ve switched from blogger to WordPress.  And new features have been added.  Originally the tags were used to indicate who posted what, but now the author is listed with all the posts.  So those tags are a bit redundant.  When posting, feel free to choose the appropriate category.

I’m going to go through and re-tag stuff as I have time.  But there’s over 600 posts so it will be a while.  After everthing is retagged, I’ll remove the author categories like “Genius of Matt”.

When I imported from Blogger to WordPress long ago, it made me the author of all the posts that were ever posted on the old site.  So I’m going to try to make sure the appropriate author gets labeled.  If you’re ever looking through the archives and see something you didn’t write with your name on it.  Let me know and who you think DID write it so I can change it.

Now that there’s a little bit of history and information built up here, I want to try to organize it a little better so it’s easier to search through.

We all have those ‘moments’…

We call them brain farts, senior moments, blonde moments…something to make light of our stupidity. Heck, I have them every day! So, when someone else does it on a grand-ish scale I have to admit the little ‘evil-me’ kind of enjoys it.

Our Friday lunch special was a Chili Burger. The name implies that it is chili on a burger. I took out my first one and commented that it sure must be a small burger cuz all I see is chili. But, it’s a special and some businesses will downsize on portions to sell it cheaper. The cook just looked at me like she didn’t appreciate my opinion.

Through half of lunch I served these and all people said was that they’d be hungry before supper. Finally, someone had the nerve to say that it was the strangest Chili Burger they’d had with only chili and no hamburger patty.

Turns out the cook “didn’t know” what a chili burger was and she was sending out a spoon of chili on a bun. Ok, I get it that the general population wouldn’t know what a chili burger is, but does this cook make 50 cheeseburgers a day? Does she just send out cheese on a bun? Where does common sense and accountability come into play. If she didn’t know what she was cooking, then ask! When I remarked that I couldn’t see a burger, shouldn’t a little light have gone off above her head? No, too subtle? Ok, when I turned in my order tickets that had “special burger” written in big letters, shouldn’t THAT have been a clue?

I pull some dumb-assed stunts. In no way do I fantasize that I am a great waitress. I get by because I’ll be the first one at the table letting people know when I screw up. Hell, I’ve spilled drinks on people, even dropped a steak knife in a guys lap. We laugh, have fun at my expense and they come back time after time. Some of them even ASK for me to wait on them. However, yesterday people left feeling screwed and tattooed after paying almost six bucks for a scoop of chili with their bread.

But, oddly no one was held accountable EXCEPT the lady that complained that it was the weirdest chili burger she’d ever had. Yeah, she’s been labeled a trouble maker. Go figure that one out!

I love people that buy domain names for no reason.

It’s no secret that I’m not the best speller in the world.  Okay, that’s sugarcoating it.  My spelling BLOWS.  Unfortunately the spell check that’s built into Firefox isn’t its most polished feature.  For instance the recommendations it gives for “definetly” are:






All of which while albeit close to the word I spelled, are no where near “definitely”.  So when Firefox can’t come through for me I resort to Google.  They always come through for me.  It’s like they’re reading my mind or something.  I’m sure they will be someday anyway.

Perfect!  First guess!  Why couldn’t Firefox figure that out?

But my eyes caught the second result.  I clicked.  I laughed.  I know how to spell “definitely” now!

I got a…huh?

I ordered a new set of GM keys for my car earlier this week since I lost one of my door keys. (Which I’ve since found. =P )

And last night I stopped by the post office and they put one of those little yellow slips in our PO box letting you know you got a package. Oh giddy day for me! But the office is closed, so I come back this morning. I tell the postal worker my box number and he retreats back behind some shelves full of packages and shuffles them around a bit. Soon he emerges with a box almost big enough for a small child’s head. (Sorry it’s the only reference I could think of.)

So right off the bat I’m suspicious. There’s no need for a package that big for four car keys. But maybe they just have a good deal on boxes like that, hell I dunno. All I know is I nor Andrea have ordered anything else. Once home I tear into the box to lay my eyes on these extremely well packaged keys. But I open the box and there’s a letter from Westar Energy on the top. HUH? I skim the paper and it says, “As a special thanks for enrolling in paperless billing, here’s a free compact fluorescent bulb. It’ll save you money in the long run.” Apparently part of their Go Green campaign. After digging throught he rest of the packaging. Sure enough it’s a light bulb.

Go figure.  I’ve been getting my bills online for a good year and a half now.  But its nice of them to still think of me I guess.  Just an odd thing to show up in the mail…out of the blue…a lightbulb.  Weird.

Are you ready?

I’m ready! I didn’t know it was coming out so soon. I’m gonna have to sit down and watch all three on DVD and start getting REALLY pumped!

It’s creepy, but I’m facinated…

This has been around for a while within the last couple days, I’ve been messing around with Google Maps Street View.  In a few major cities, they sent a van out running around with a 360 degree camera on top and started taking pictures.  The result is you can pick a street and zoom all the way down to the street and pan around as if you were almost there.

Here’s a guy’s house on, haha.

To use it you just go to and click on the “Street View” button in the top right.  Then the cities available will have a camera icon on them.  Zoom in and any blue outlined street you can double click on and it will show you the view from street level.  Pretty crazy!

I was checking out Las Vegas Blvd. earlier.  Heck one of these days you’ll be able to take a trip without even leaving your house!

Hey, this is kinda cool!

I was messing around on the internet today and did a Google image search for “1985 Toronado” (sans quotes) and my car is the first result!  If you use the quotes it ends up like the 3rd result.  LAME!

Nothing special.  Just one of those “whoa” moments.  Too bad it was from before the paint job.

New toy

Well it’s been a while since I posted. Been busy with remotes and Grandma in the hospital and all. I’m feeling pretty drained.

So maybe it was just feeling like I need to reward myself or something, I dunno. But at some point we’re all allowed to make ridiculous purchases right?

So we bought a 47 inch LCD HDTV.

The picture doesn’t really do justice to how ridiculiously big this TV is in such a small room.  Ha ha.  But I figure my next place is hopefully a little bigger, and I plan on this TV lasting a while.  I payed a little bit extra to make sure it was full HD 1080p.  So it shouldn’t be obsolete in the immediate future.  We had to get HDMI cables for our cable box and the DVD player that Andrea picked up today to get the digital picture.  And we had to get the HD package from the cable company.  But it looks great if you ask me.

On the other hand, regular TV looks kinda gross now.  You ever take a small picture and stretch it out on your computer screen?  Know how it gets all blurry?  Yeah.  Even PS2 games look pretty antiquated when blown up this big.  We debated getting a PS3 or Xbox 360, but I think we’re going to hold off on those for a while.

So I have two 27″ TV’s laying around now.  haha.  One Stooks gave me a while back and if he has a use for it, he can sure have it back whenever.  If not I have two TVs that I’m willing to GIVE away.  You…someone you know…want a TV?  Come get it or catch me on a trip close to you, and its yours.

I’m pretty excited though.  I’ve had a nice sound system for a while now, and always said I just don’t have the TV to go with it.  Now I do.  I see no need to buy a movie ticket ever again.