New toy

Well it’s been a while since I posted. Been busy with remotes and Grandma in the hospital and all. I’m feeling pretty drained.

So maybe it was just feeling like I need to reward myself or something, I dunno. But at some point we’re all allowed to make ridiculous purchases right?

So we bought a 47 inch LCD HDTV.

The picture doesn’t really do justice to how ridiculiously big this TV is in such a small room.  Ha ha.  But I figure my next place is hopefully a little bigger, and I plan on this TV lasting a while.  I payed a little bit extra to make sure it was full HD 1080p.  So it shouldn’t be obsolete in the immediate future.  We had to get HDMI cables for our cable box and the DVD player that Andrea picked up today to get the digital picture.  And we had to get the HD package from the cable company.  But it looks great if you ask me.

On the other hand, regular TV looks kinda gross now.  You ever take a small picture and stretch it out on your computer screen?  Know how it gets all blurry?  Yeah.  Even PS2 games look pretty antiquated when blown up this big.  We debated getting a PS3 or Xbox 360, but I think we’re going to hold off on those for a while.

So I have two 27″ TV’s laying around now.  haha.  One Stooks gave me a while back and if he has a use for it, he can sure have it back whenever.  If not I have two TVs that I’m willing to GIVE away.  You…someone you know…want a TV?  Come get it or catch me on a trip close to you, and its yours.

I’m pretty excited though.  I’ve had a nice sound system for a while now, and always said I just don’t have the TV to go with it.  Now I do.  I see no need to buy a movie ticket ever again.


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  1. I don’t want that TV back, but you’re not allowed to give it away, either. Good luck with those options.

  2. Hmm…I’m thinking fish tank.

  3. That’ll work.

    Are you going to hook a computer up to the new TV?

  4. That’s the plan. Took the old server and hooked it up last night just for a trial. Looks great. But it’s just a cheapo case that Stewart let me seal from the radio station. So it’s kinda loud and big just sitting there in the living room. I’d like to get a smaller quieter case for it someday. Gonna pick up a wireless keyboard and mouse today.

    I remember you had a pretty sweet livingroom setup. Any PC applications you’d recommend for couch computing?

  5. Besides a program to LEGALLY download movies? Not sure. But my computer wasn’t dedicated for the TV, so I didn’t ever get the urge to explore anything designed for TV viewing exclusively. Just be prepared for a whole bunch of “ctrl +” to increase text size. Good move on the wireless keyboard and mouse.

    Did Stewart leave Dewey’s porno collection on the computer?

  6. Yeah, that was some freaky stuff man. I guess Rob wasn’t the only one into midget porn with Shetland Ponies.

  7. well i can tell you having that pc on that tv will never be anything like my projector i wish that thing was still functioning it needs a new bulb =(.

    but id be happy to take one of those 27 inchers off your hands since it would be a nice upgrade to my 21 inch i have. im still trying to convince mom and dad to let me have the 32 inch hdtv they got form my uncle but they still havnt budged.

  8. got to thinking you need to get you a hd video card for that pc then you could “archive” hd movies ….

  9. Hell, while you’re giving away tv-s I’ll take the 47 inch. haha

  10. Okay Stooks, what if he “loans” the television to me and then if you want it back you and I can cage fight for it?

  11. Sounds good to me. Although, I’d like to cage fight either way.

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