Daily Archives: February 23, 2008

We all have those ‘moments’…

We call them brain farts, senior moments, blonde moments…something to make light of our stupidity. Heck, I have them every day! So, when someone else does it on a grand-ish scale I have to admit the little ‘evil-me’ kind of enjoys it.

Our Friday lunch special was a Chili Burger. The name implies that it is chili on a burger. I took out my first one and commented that it sure must be a small burger cuz all I see is chili. But, it’s a special and some businesses will downsize on portions to sell it cheaper. The cook just looked at me like she didn’t appreciate my opinion.

Through half of lunch I served these and all people said was that they’d be hungry before supper. Finally, someone had the nerve to say that it was the strangest Chili Burger they’d had with only chili and no hamburger patty.

Turns out the cook “didn’t know” what a chili burger was and she was sending out a spoon of chili on a bun. Ok, I get it that the general population wouldn’t know what a chili burger is, but does this cook make 50 cheeseburgers a day? Does she just send out cheese on a bun? Where does common sense and accountability come into play. If she didn’t know what she was cooking, then ask! When I remarked that I couldn’t see a burger, shouldn’t a little light have gone off above her head? No, too subtle? Ok, when I turned in my order tickets that had “special burger” written in big letters, shouldn’t THAT have been a clue?

I pull some dumb-assed stunts. In no way do I fantasize that I am a great waitress. I get by because I’ll be the first one at the table letting people know when I screw up. Hell, I’ve spilled drinks on people, even dropped a steak knife in a guys lap. We laugh, have fun at my expense and they come back time after time. Some of them even ASK for me to wait on them. However, yesterday people left feeling screwed and tattooed after paying almost six bucks for a scoop of chili with their bread.

But, oddly no one was held accountable EXCEPT the lady that complained that it was the weirdest chili burger she’d ever had. Yeah, she’s been labeled a trouble maker. Go figure that one out!