Daily Archives: February 29, 2008

Welp, I guess I’m going to let them go.

All those parts I had for the El Camino.  It’s looking like I’m probably not going to find another before I move and all those parts would be expensive or damn near impossible to move.  So I’m going to see what I can sell and whatever I can’t sell I suppose I’ll have to just take to the scrapyard and get what I can for it.

It kinda makes me sad, but the plan is to take the money from those parts (which is a lot easier to move 😉 ) and put it towards another El Camino.  One in a bit better shape that hopefully I won’t even NEED all those parts.  Luckily tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and in the mid 60’s up here.  I’ll get everything strung out and get some nice pictures and start posting around and see.  It’s not the most popular body style, so finding a buyer might be tricky around here.  If you know anybody with a 73-77 El Camino or Malibu send ’em my way!  I’ll make ’em a heck of a deal!