Am I taking it too far?

I posted yesterday reminiscing about Super Mario 64 and my memories of getting the new Nintendo 64.  Well we have the nice big TV in the living room.  But to be honest, N64 games don’t look too great on it.  Trying to play games that are mostly 320×240 on a 1080p widescreen leads to much blurriness.  I found that the experience just wasn’t the same.

So with one of the two extra TVs I have lying around, I set up a little gaming station in the computer room.  Now I can just plop back in my chair and fire up some old skool gaming.  Now I just need to get me one of those old video chairs that sit on the ground and rock back!

We’ll see what Andrea says when she gets home.  I’m sure she’ll think it’s ridiculous.


Posted on April 1, 2008, in Video Games. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. My main concern is that TV stand collapsing under the weight of that TV. Other than that, you’re more than cool.

  2. Video chairs! Man, I remember you guys all lounged back in those!!

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