A look back: NBA Hangtime

Well it’s taken me a couple days to start writing this one, because I’ve actually been playing the heck out of this game. The last few nights Andrea and I sat down together and created characters and have been having a blast! It reminded me of back in the day me and Dad, or me and Bef sitting and playing trying to beat all the teams and guessing at the trivia questions. But it’s one of those games that you don’t have to have a certian amount of time to devote to it, or get to a certian point and save. You just pick it up and have fun.

Like Cruis’n USA it was based almost directly off the arcade game, you just didn’t need a dollar in quarters to play! (You needed $70 for the N64 game =P ) They had one of these set up at the bowling alley in Garden City as far back as I can remember.

Now am not and never was much of a basketball fan. Maybe that’s why without question the funnest part of the game was playing with the characters you created. You get to choose a goofy head different attributes like height, shooting, blocking. Best of all you could pick a nickname that the announcer would actually use in the game. Names like…Dingbat, Grandpa, or my favorite that I always chose…Bubba. Paired with a goofy looking dude that is best described looking like Ernest, it was always funny hearing the announcer say something like, “Bubba tomahawks it home!”

There’s just not a whole lot to write about this game. It’s just plain stupid over-the-top fun! There’s no real competition because the computer has a “catch-up” assist that will increase the chances of making shots for whoever is behind. This always keeps the games close, but really just amounts to playing 2 minutes of the game at the end that actually matters. But who cares? You’re having so much fun doing double dunks and shoving opponets half way across the screen to steal the ball, you just don’t care!

It’s either because it’s so simple, or because I’ve been playing N64 games the past two weeks, but the graphics don’t seem quite as tough on the eyes as other games. As I said before I was really suprised to find myself playing it so much the past few days. When I decided to do these little write ups on all my old games, this one wasn’t of my list of games I thought would suck me right back in like it was yesterday. Quite a plesant suprise!


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  1. In this game couldn’t you get on a roll with making baskets and you’d be “on fire”? It was always fun to play. I remember sitting around with you guys playing. It was a fun way to pass an evening.

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