My new mission…No more Wal-Mart

I’ve recently been doing some reading about Wal-Mart. How underhanded their tactics are and how they’ll leave people high and dry. There’s all sorts of stories about how terrible Wal-Mart treats their help, etc. etc. And while terrible that may be, it doesn’t really effect me directly.

I’ve always HATED going to Wal-Mart exclusively because of the mad throngs of people that you have to weave through. Screaming kids. People yakking on cell phones. But like most of the people in there I’ve often gone to Wal-Mart primarily because of their prices. They’re plain and simple the lowest prices in town 95% of the time. But I had a shocking realization just the other day when I stopped in just to get some garlic bread for supper, and walked out with $20 worth of stuff…

I went in to get a $3 box of bread and ended up leaving with the bread, a steering wheel cover for the car, and an air freshener. So while Wal-Mart did have the cheapest bread in town. I spent $16 MORE than if I’d just gone to the grocery store…all because I thought I’d be saving a buck! That’s some pricey bread!

I stopped and thought about it, and probably at least half the time I go to Wal-Mart, I end up buying something “just because I was there”. And that’s the way they plan it. I’ve spent a long time spending more and feeling like I was actually saving. I feel like such a statistic. So I made up my mind that I’m going to avoid Wal-Mart at all costs. And if I do have to go there, it will be only to pick up an item on a list and nothing that isn’t on the list.

I figure even if I break even financially, by paying a higher cost at another store, I at least won’t have to face the Wal-Mart throngs…and that it worth at least 10 bucks a trip right there!


Posted on April 26, 2008, in Moments of Clarity. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. i quit going to wal-mart myself i shop at dillons and yes dollar general …at dillons if you shop right you can get out of there cheaper than welfare-mart if you shop the item that are store brand and get a heck of a discount with your dillons card that thing is a life saver! …

  2. Just last week a guy at the office was talking about Walmart and saying the same thing. Things are set up to promote ‘impulse’ buying. Most stores are. From their candy being placed at child’s eye level at checkout to placing gallons of milk in the furthermost corner from the front door so you have to walk through nearly the entire store just to get a gallon of milk.

    If we all realized how much we actually spend on crap we don’t need and never intended to purchase we would be stunned.

  3. thats one thing i hated about dollar general every week we were moving crap around …for the soul purpose to make customers have to look for what they were needing in hope they would buy stuff they didnt come in for

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