Scored another interview.

With a different company.  I applied with a hospital doing tech work there and got a call today to set up a phone interview.  Kewl.  They said they’re looking to fill positions in Wichita, Hutch and McPherson.  We’ll see what happens!

Posted on May 8, 2008, in Good News. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. That’s awesome! And how neat is it that you get to do it over the phone!? You don’t have to travel, dress up or sit across the desk with someone staring at you. You can do the interview in shorts and flip-flops if you want!

  2. Well I think it went alright. It’s a brand new position that the company is creating to help and maintain PCs and networks in nursing homes. It requires some travel since the person will be responsible for all their branches in Kansas but it’s definitely a job I’d be good at and the pay isn’t bad at all.

    They’re supposed to schedule some live interviews soon, so like before, wish me luck!

  3. And another phone interview with a radio station in Great Bend on Tuesday. Why must everyone tease me so?

  4. It looks like the power of prayer works…that’s three interviews in a week! Congratulations!

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